Multi Pair of Earplugs - Ohropax

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    Ohropax Multi Pair of Earplugs (Assorted Color)
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Ohropax - Multi Pair of Earplugs (Assorted Color)

Ohropax Multi - Ohropax

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The best workmate ...

In plastic, Multi Earplugs are ideal to combat noise at work.

Their presentation, linked by a thread, makes them practical, to have always at hand.

Maximum comfort and noise protection!

They are comfortable because its anatomical shape with a pin helps with its use.
They are practical because the wire passes over the neck and decreases the possibility of loss in case of one go out and allows you to have the buffer always at hand.

Health and safety were also taken into account, as they are manufactured in a non-allergic plastic, the tip is lightly padded, does not harm or cripples.
The cleaning should be done with soap and water. Use them only when they are dry.

Doesn't contain any components likely to cause allergies.
It's recommended to gradually increase the time of use of the plugs have an adaptation.
It is possible at an early stage hear your own pulse. This effect usually disappears with a short acclimatization period.

How to use





1. With one hand pull away the earlobe;

2. With the other, hold the pin plug and insert it into the ear canal;

3. Remove it by pulling the pin. Then proceed with cleaning.


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