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Mycosana protect antifungal spray

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    Mycosana Mycosana protect antifungal spray 80ml
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Mycosana - Mycosana protect antifungal spray 80ml

Mycosana - mycosana protect spray




Mycosana Protect antifungal spray, promotes the prevention of athlete's foot and nail fungus.

Protection and prevention of fungal infections!

Reduces the risk of fungal infection recurrence by forming a 12-hour protective barrier.

Restores the natural skin barrier and helps to neutralize the bad odor.

Water resistant being quickly absorbed.

Suitable for diabetics and children over 6 years.

How to use




For better protection, apply two times a day, on dry feet, especially between fingers.

Reapply after washing.

After 30 days of continuous use, a rest period of 3 to 5 days is recommended.


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