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Breastpumps Freestyle Flex - Medela

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    Medela Breastpump Freestyle Flex
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Medela - Breastpump Freestyle Flex

Breastpump Freestyle Flex - Medela



Small, light and quiet, for daily and regular use.
Allows mothers to extract the milk without the need to use the hands, giving freedom of movement, helping to save time.

One of the smallest Double electrical milk extractor of the world!

The "2-Phase Expression" technology allows the double simultaneously extracting that imitates the sucking rhythm of the baby that maintains and increases milk's production.

Allows to regulate and adjust the vacuum individually and has a memory function that allows you to record the preferred extraction patterns and select them at any time providing a high degree of comfort. The display shows all relevant information.

Freestyle comes in an elegant black bag with all accessories for a simple or double milk extraction and also optional "hand free" accessories, a chilling bag, a rechargeable battery and a recurring adapter. All elements can be removed.

Engine Warranty: 2 years

Benefits of double extraction

The simultaneous extraction (from both breasts) compared with the simple extraction (one breast at a time), permits to obtain the same amount of milk twice as fast, with an increase up to 18% milk extraction, providing milk with higher energy content, allowing a most effective breast emptying, promoting a better maintenance of breastfeeding.
This extraction method allows even more elevated prolactin levels, resulting in increased milk production.

The dual extraction gives you extra time for yourself and for your baby.






Why to choose Medela?

The added value of Medela is its principle: breastfeeding your baby is a personal experience that will enrich both your life and your child's.
Breastfeeding has benefits for both your and your baby's health: the mother secretes "oxitosina", an hormone that stimulates the contraction of the muscles helping the uterus to return to its normal size and with regard to postpartum bleeding, the risk is reduced, with a great money saving; the baby has in the breast milk everything he needs for its development (water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and iron and antibodies).
Medela thinks about everything you need to promote this bond between you and your baby.


All you need to know about breastfeading. Why breastfeeding is so important? What is the benefit?

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