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Baby powder protective - Klorane

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    Klorane Klorane baby powder protective 100g
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Klorane - Klorane baby powder protective 100g

Klorane - Poudre de toilette protectrice




Klorane's Baby Powder Protective, rich in KLORANE's Calendula extract, with protective and softening properties, protects and smoothes the baby's delicate skin.

Pinches of affection and softness!

Isolates the baby's skin, absorbing the moisture of the folds, avoiding small redness.

It's especially recommended during the summer to combat small bubbles caused by heat and as prevention of irritating effects of perspiration.

No parabens. Hypoallergenic (developed and tested to minimize the risk of allergic reactions).

Tested under pediatric control.

How to use





After the hygiene, on perfectly clean and dry skin, apply the Klorane's Baby Powder Protective in the chest, back, armpits, neck folds and on the diaper area.

Keep away from your baby's nose and mouth.




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