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Pomegranate Colored Hair Conditioner - Klorane

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    Klorane Conditioner with Pomegranate for Color Treated Hair 200 mL
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Klorane - Conditioner with Pomegranate for Color Treated Hair 200 mL

Après Shampooing Crème à La Grenade - Klorane

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Protective care and fixer of color-treated hair.

Color and shine fixer conditioner

Used as a complement of pomegranate shampoo, this cream regenerates and repairs the hair fiber in depth, to restore softness and flexibility to your hair.

Protected against degradation, conserves the color intensity and brightness of the first day.

How to use






Apply generously throughout your washed hair, after washing with the shampoo.

Leave 5 to 10 minutes; then rinse the hair.

Pomegranate - Klorane 

Intense and bright coloration, enhances your hair, giving it personality and lightness.

However, with the washes, the pigments separates off the stem capillary keratin, causing discoloration.

In addition, chemical aggression suffered by the hair during colouring accentuates its fragility and makes it drier, with a rough touch.

To protect and reveal all the intensity of color and give the hair the care you need, KLORANE Laboratories selected an active ingredient with exceptional properties: the Pomegranate.




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