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Herpatch Serum Liquid dressing for Cold Sores

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    Herpatch Herpatch Serum 5 mL Offer Lipstick Prevention
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Herpatch - Herpatch Serum 5 mL Offer Lipstick Prevention

Herpatch Serum - Herpatch

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Goodbye cold sores ...
Herpatch Serum is an easy to apply liquid adhesive, for the treatment of labialis herpes.

An innovative and effective way to quickly treat the symptoms of cold sores.
It can be applied easily with the herpes tube.
After a few minutes, the white serum forms a protective, transparent film on herpes, and together with its ingredients, helps to accelerate the healing process.

Treats the symptoms of herpes at each stage of the outbreak.

Its active ingredients have a triple action:
1 - Speeds recovery: contains Beta Glucan;
2 - Protects from external aggressions: contains polysaccharides from red microalgae;
3 - Creates an hostile environment: contains zinc sulfate.

The main benefits for using Herpatch are pain relief and heat reduction.
Speeds recovery, and protects the injuries instantly.

The liquid patch is totally invisible and easy to apply: with a single gesture!
Best of all? Effectively reduces the risk of contamination.

How to use





Before applying Herpatch clean the affected area;

Apply a small amount over the lesion, it becomes invisible in seconds, forming a patch.

It should be applied since the first symptom.


Lip herpes...and now what?
Lip herpes...and now what?
Stress, overeating and too much sun or cold to the mix, are one of the ideas cocktails for the emergence of another episode of lip herpes. Learn how to avoid this.

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