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Product warranty

We emphasize that all products available are 100% original, so the warranty for electrical products varies between brands.
Contact us informing your order's number or the name of the item in our store in question and we'll analyse the warranty for each product.


Product's expiration date


All products sold at SweetCare come from the batches currently being marketed by the laboratories and, therefore, with the longest expiration date available.

In addition, all products on our website that are close to the end of validity are duly marked and identified in our store, with an associated discount so that our customers are aware of the end of validity and if they wish, they can purchase a viable product, at a lower price.

We also inform that currently the majority of pharmaceutical dermocosmetic skincare, according to the new European laws and if the product does not have constituents in its formulation that can degrade / decompose over time when closed tightly, the validity becomes expressed only with the "open jar" symbol on the packaging of each care, indicating the validity in months only AFTER opening.

If you want to know the validity of a particular product, you can always consult us!
Just indicate which product you want this information on and if this care is available in stock, we will be happy to check this updated information for you :)


What if my order arrives damaged?


All products and orders are packed in our warehouse with the utmost care.
However, since shipments depend on carriers external to SweetCare for delivery to the final customer, sometimes there may be damage resulting from external factors such as poor handling of the order, different atmospheric pressures to which the shipment is subject, weather conditions, etc.

If you received your order with any damage or error, please contact Customer Service using this form, making sure you include the following information:

  • the email address you used to place your order
  • your order's number
  • details of damaged or missing products within your order
  • a clear image of the order, with images of the outer box and respective label and photo of the products received where bar codes visible for easy identification.


The product received does not seem to contain the right amount!


The laboratories we work with are extremely strict, so there are several alerts in each package to clarify all customers in order to ensure all product safety and compliance.

Although it seems that the care that you are looking for appears to be missing a product, you can see that alongside the quantification of the product's capacity, you can check the presence of an "e" symbol.

This symbol, the introduction of which on the packaging, which is regulated by the European Commission, indicates that the packaging has been certified, and that it follows a series of quality criteria so that there is a guarantee that the product actually contains the quantity that is stated on the label.


My order is overdue. Should I be concerned?


Our delivery options are fully tracked using the tracking code associated with your order, informed via email when your order is dispatched.

If you do not receive your order within the established deadline and informed at the time of selecting the shipping method, check if any irregular activity was reported in the tracking and follow the instructions given by the post office, if available.

For delayed orders in international destinations, please check if your order has been withheld at customs clearance or if payment of customs duties applied exclusively by the country of destination is awaited, since all international purchases are subject to customs inspection, this step cannot overcome or speeded up by the SweetCare team.

If you have any questions, please contact us.