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Orchidée Impériale the L-Roller the Expert Massage Tool - Guerlain

Discontinued Product.
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Orchidée impériale the L-roller the expert massage tool is the ideal complement to improve the toning effect of the face skin!

Massage that provides a more toned face!

Thanks to the draining massage that acts at the level of the lymphatic system, the L-roller helps to tone the face.

This becomes the ideal complement to apply with skincare to activate and enhance the effects of skin firmness and toning.

How to use






At night: apply the serum and then massage with the L-roller in the lymphatic zones indicated in the instructions.

Apply with a slight pressure on the contours of the mouth, temples and between the eyebrows for a boost of cellular energy.

On waking up: finish the routine by repeating the massage for toning effect on the face.


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