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Luna 2 facial cleansing ​& anti-aging device sensitive skin - Foreo

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    Foreo Luna 2 facial cleansing ​& anti-aging device sensitive skin
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Foreo - Luna 2 facial cleansing ​& anti-aging device sensitive skin

Foreo - Luna 2 for sensitive skin




Facial cleansing & anti-aging device ultra sensitive skin

LUNA facial device is composed by rounded silicone filaments that slide over the skin by a gentle action enough for everyday use, providing a non-abrasive cleansing and a feeling of freshness and smoothness never seen before!

Suitable for ultra sensitive skin's cleansing, the soft silicone concentric projections of this LUNA device are designed to minimize abrasion on sensitive skins, providing an extremely effective cleansing in the use of T-Sonic pulsations, but particularly delicate at the same time.

The most gentle, effective and enjoyable facial cleansing!!! ♡

Soft but profound cleansing:
LUNA is made in a non-porous silicon of fast drying, which makes it resistant to bacterial buildup.
Consequently, it's by far the most hygienic way to clean the face, being 35x more hygienic that the common brushes with nylon bristles.

Attenuates the action of time:
LUNA has a smooth surface, made of concentric ridges in silicon, which direct low-frequency pulsations for regions prone to wrinkles for a skin visibly smoother and firmer.

Designed for your lifestyle:
Fully waterproof for use in the bath or shower, LUNA has 12 intensities and is light and easy to carry.
In addition, each full recharge lasts up to 450 uses, making it the ideal travel companion.

How to use





Apply the regular cleansing cream.

Wet the LUNA device and turn it on in Mode 1 Cleaning.

Gently cleanse the face through circular motions for 1 minute.

Enable Mode 2 and apply the smooth surface in the areas prone to wrinkles for 1 minute.


Make-up for sensitive or reactive skin

last update: 15 October 2017

Make-up for sensitive or reactive skin
Hypoallergenic but elegant suggestions; because the most sensitive skins also deserve make-up!

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