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Day Cream for Mature Skin in Menopause - Fadiamone

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    Fadiamone Antiaging Day Cream 30 mL
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Fadiamone - Antiaging Day Cream 30 mL

Soin Jour Day Care - Fadiamone

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Anti-aging startint at 40...

With menopause arrival and hormonal changes (oestrogen decrease ), your skin changes:

  • worsening of wrinkles;
  • skin dryness;
  • loss of skin density;
  • pale complexion and thin;
  • and loss of tonicity.

With easy penetration, restores skin with softness, comfort and satin aspect.

Of fine texture and not greasy (emulsion A/O), prevents free radicals effects, thanks to the presence of Nicotinamide (1%).
Standardised extracts of olive oil ensures stimulation of skin renewal and guarantee a long-lasting moisture.

It's an excellent make-up base.
Without preservatives. 

How to use






Apply 1 time a day on face, neck and neckline, on clean skin.


Clinically tested, is indicated for all skin types, prevents and attenuates signs of skin aging, whose appearance emerges on an early stage, especially around the eyes, neck and neckline.


Menopause happens in women's lives when the cycle function of the ovaries and menstruation end. I'm in menopause...and now?

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