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Hydra-Mat Emulsion for Normal to Combination Skin - Embryolisse

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    Embryolisse Hydra-Mat Emulsion 40 mL
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Embryolisse - Hydra-Mat Emulsion 40 mL

Émulsion Hydra-Mat - Embryolisse



Émulsion Hydra-Mat is fresh emulsion, which penetrates the skin deeply, leaving it smooth, soft and mattifyed, all day.

Suitable for normal to combination skins, is formulated with moisturizing components naturally present in the skin (NMF) that hold water on the skin, due to micro-sponge effect, ensuring a long-lasting moisturizing effect!

Nourishing and mattifying long-term effect for normal to combination skins!

Its fresh and gelled texture penetrates quickly, leaving the skin soft, smooth and mattifyed all day.

Its seborregulating action, balances sebum production and absorbs excess fat, for an anti-glare effect.

Less oily areas are perfectly moisturized, and the T zone mattifyed.

The skin feels comfortable for longer!

How to use





Apply in the morning on clean, dry skin of the face and neck. Gently massage.


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