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Anti-celulite draining gel-mud - Collistar

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    Collistar Anti-celulite draining gel-mud 400ml
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Collistar - Anti-celulite draining gel-mud 400ml

Collistar - Gel-fango drenante anticellulite

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Anti-celulite draining gel-mud

The combination of the benefits of an anti-cellulite mud with the exceptional effectiveness of the futuristic Slim-DroneTM technology that, acting like a drone, goes directly to the target, fighting the fat cells in your heart.

Collistar selected for this treatment AMAZON WHITE LAMA, rich in minerals and active ingredients that, thanks to its color and percentage included in the texture, has a powerful draining and detoxifying action, without the need to rinse.

Since the first applications, the skin appears more toned and smooth!

With continued treatment, imperfections are reduced, deposits of localized fat and orange peel skin are less visible.

Day after day the treated areas are remodeled!!

The efficacy of the product is enhanced by the original mud-gel texture that wraps the body like that on an invisible remodeling corset, leaving it instantly more toned and smooth!

The texture also stimulates the penetration of the active ingredients and their retention in the tissues of the skin, prolonging its action in time.

For all types of cellulite, this body care is especially recommended in cases of fluid retention, localized adiposity and/or flaccidity of the tissues.


How to use





Apply daily to the areas to be treated, by gentle massage.
Thanks to its formulation, this product does not need time of action or rinsing, as well as leaves no residues.


Collistar, home spa!

17 August 2018

Collistar, home spa!
Turn your bathroom into a true spa and enjoy professional care whenever you have a little time for yourself! Your skin will be grateful!

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