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Colagénius beauty food supplement - Colagenius

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    Colagenius Colagénius beauty skin, hair and nails antioxidant supplement 30sachets
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Colagenius - Colagénius beauty skin, hair and nails antioxidant supplement 30sachets

Colagenius - Colagenius beauty




Collagen is a protein that is naturally present in our bodies; being a key element in the constitution of the skin, hair, nails and muscles! And although this nutrient is present in our food; in some cases it's not possible to obtain a sufficient amount of collagen through the diet; thus affecting the state in our nails, hair and skin..

For these cases, there is Collagéniús beauty! This dietary supplement is a real source of collagen (10000 mg per sachet); and it's intended mainly to women from 30 years old seeking to enhance and protect their natural beauty!

Plumped skin, stronger nails, and healthier hair; to stay with a young aspect.

This supplement complements your daily beauty routine by preserving the collagen from your body, but also by action of other ingredients (amounts per sachet):

  • Antioxidant Extracts: resveratrol (10 mg), pomegranate (50 mg), red vine (20 mg); to protect the skin from harmful effects of free radicals;
  • Hyaluronic Acid (10 mg), naturally present in the skin, where it gives it volume;
  • Selenium (55ug) and zinc (10 mg), which contribute to the healthy aspect of the nails and hair; also playing an antioxidant role;
  • Vitamin B2 (biotin, 50ug), essential to the constitution of the nails and hair.

How to Use






Take 1 sachet a day, preferably at breakfast; or take it alternatively during your snack or at the end of the day (if you don't have digestive problems)

Start by filling a cup with liquid, which can be water, juice, vegetable milk or yogurt.

Add the sachet content, stirring until the mixture is homogeneous.

It can be mixed in a shaker.


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