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Facial soap step 1 cleanse combination to oily skin - Clinique

Discontinued Product.
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Facial soap oil skin formula type 3 and 4 is indicated for oily skin cleansing.

Suitable to remove the oiliness from the shiniest skins!

  • Effectively cleans and refreshes without drying.
  • Frees the surface layer of dead skin cells.
  • Specifically designed for the thorough removal of sebum and impurities present in oily skins which are naturally more sensitive and prone to bubbles.


Skin Type 3 - Combination to Oily: your skin doesn’t present dryness. The skin is soft and light naturally. By the end of the day, begins to present an excessive and uncomfortable oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). This oiliness leaves the face brighter and usually break the makeup applied in the morning.


Skin Type 4 - Oily: the skin has excess oil all over the face. T-zone, this excessive oiliness is very uncomfortable. It becomes very difficult to keep the makeup, it ends up disappearing quickly and accumulates in the corners.

How to Use






Apply in the morning and evening all over the face.

Moisten the skin with cold or warm water.

Pass the soap by the hand and apply on the face in circular motions.

Remove with water.

The skin cleaning benefits

Throughout the day we accumulate dirt and impurities on our skin, either through makeup or even in contact with the environment. This step will help to unclog the pores and let the skin breathe.

The skin cleansing is the first step to beautiful and hydrated skin. It will also help to enhance the effect of products applied after, getting better results.


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