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Fleur de Vigne Fresh Delicate Fragrance - Caudalíe

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    Caudalie Eau Fraiche Fleur de Vigne 50 mL
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Caudalíe - Eau Fraiche Fleur de Vigne 50 mL

Eau Fraîche Fleur de Vigne - Caudalíe

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Let yourself be influenced by this energetic and fresh aroma!

Fleur de Vigne Fresh Delicate Fragrance combines the aromas of grapefruit, tangerine and cedar.

Fresh and subtle perfume!

The capture of the ephemeral flower of thevine, its delicate scent blends with the fragments of toning citrus.

Its rife evokes the blossoming of this ephemeral flower early in the morning with a delicate scent. An expected flower, desired and celebrated as the promise of an extraordinary harvest.

Vinotherapeutic tips...

For fleur de vigne perfume to last longer, apply Fleur de Vigne Shower Gel, then vaporize Eau Fraîche in the warm spots of your body: wrists, elbows, neck. For greater intensity, vaporize the Eau Fraîche Fleur de Vigne over your clothes before leaving. 

Olfactory Atmosphere






Grapefruit: An acidulated, shimmering and fruity note.

Tangerine: A note of bark, citrus and wood

Cedar: A warm, watery note.


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