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Blue therapy red algae uplift cure - Biotherm

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    Biotherm Blue therapy red algae uplift cure 15ml
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Biotherm - Blue therapy red algae uplift cure 15ml

Biotherm - blue therapy red algae uplift cure




With age, the skin tends to lose its collagen and elastin content; thus becoming more wrinkled, sagged and having less defined contours.

Blue therapy red algae uplift cure is a product suitable for all skin types, even for the most sensitive ones; combining the knowledge of Biotherm biologists regarding seaweed.

A 28-day intensive cure for a skin visibly firmed, repaired with redefined contours!

This microemulsion, with a high penetration capacity, allows you to infuse your skin with red seaweed extract, penetrating where few products manage to do so.

Originating from the sea, the Alaria esculenta algae has the ability to transform itself, when facing external assaults, thanks to it's amazing elasticity. This plant also has components similar to those that can be found in the dermal matrix, and it has shown to be able neutralizing skin inflammation, removing damaged proteins, and accelerating cell recovery.

Additionally, this product also features the Life Plankton extract, originating from the hot springs of the Pyrenees, and whose content in 35 micronutrients helps support the skin metabolism.

How to Use






Apply 6 drops directly on the skin, spreading over the face, neck and neckline.

Promote the penetration with little touches, from the forehead to the neck.

You can repeat the cure whenever you want, or use it continuously.


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