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Pigmentbio c-concentrate pigmentation corrector - Bioderma

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    Bioderma Pigmentbio c-concentrate pigmentation corrector 15ml
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Bioderma - Pigmentbio c-concentrate pigmentation corrector 15ml

Bioderma - Pigmentbio c-concentrate




Pigmentbio C-Concentrate is a corrective for dark-spots that restores the skin's luminosity in lasting way!

An enriched combination of active ingredients to treat the dark spots intensely!

With a lumirevealTM technology enriched with active Vitamin C that reduces the production of melanin intensively; glycolic and salicylic acids have a gentle peeling effect that promotes cell renewal; vitamin E with antioxidant action and protection of visible signs of early cutaneous aging and Vitamin PP that strengthens the skin, providing long-lasting hydration.

The efficacy of vitamin C is optimized when it's active. To benefit from its maximum power, the packaged are separately in a special compartment, protected from air and light.

When to apply:

  • After a period of dermatological treatment or monotherapy;
  • Every night;
  • 5 drops on face and neck, from 1 to 4 months.

The skin gets more luminosity and the size of the dark-spots decreases.

How to use





Press the special compartment to release vitamin C.

Remove the lid and place the eyedropper.

Shake 10 seconds to mix and is ready to apply.


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