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Photoderm repairing and soothing after sun - Bioderma

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    Bioderma Photoderm after sun 200ml
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Bioderma - Photoderm after sun 200ml

Bioderma - Photoderm après-soleil

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    Bioderma Photoderm after sun 500ml
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Bioderma - Photoderm after sun 500ml

Bioderma - Photoderm après-soleil




The Photoderm line provides the appropriate solution to the needs of sensitive skin against the dangers of the Sun:

  • All Sun-sensitive skins: skin that cannot tolerate exposure to Sun, clear skin;
  • Skins that require specific protection: hyperpigmentation of the skin, oily skin, children, mature skin;
  • Skin after sun exposure.

After Sun care with excellent tolerance

Photoderm After Sun, intensely moisturises the dry skin by the Sun, preparing it for future exhibitions and optimising the natural protection of the skin to UV rays.

Formulated with the exclusive patent BioProtection cell and vitamin E, provides ideal protection to the skin cells, preventing premature skin aging.

The incorporation of Gikgo Biloba and Allantoin, exerts a soothing action, decongesting the skin after prolonged exposure to the Sun.

Its light texture, easy to apply, gives a fresh feeling to the skin.--splitcol--


Enriched with emollient and soothing, like Shea butter, Vaseline and Gicerin, prevents dehydration and skin flaking, prolonging your tan.


How to use






Apply after sun exposure.

Reapply after swimming or before going to sleep.

Suitable for all skin types.



Best post- solar for body!

last update: 03 January 2018

Best post- solar for body!
Get to know the best products that will help to maintain and prolong your tan ! Golden and sublime skin, guarantee !
How the sun sees you

last update: 30 October 2015

How the sun sees you
Find how our skin looks when exposed to the UV rays. Ultra-violet light opens the windows to the soul of your skin!

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