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Boí Thermal

The mineromedicinal properties from Caldes de Boí at the service of your skin! Its water and thermal sludge with more than 2000 years of history are unique natural resources capable of rebalancing sensitive skin, as well as the symptoms of some skin conditions. All products are formulated with hypotonic mineromedicinal water with high silica or sulfur content, depending on their source; allied to botanical extracts, thus providing a high tolerance for all skin types.

  1. Boi Thermal - Boi Thermal Silessence Day Cream Moisturizing and Revitalizing 50mL
  2. Boi Thermal - Silessence Moisturizing and Mattifying Man Cream 50mL
  3. Boi Thermal - Silessence Tri-Oil Restorative Body Emulsion 200mL
  4. Boi Thermal - Natural Exfoliating Soap 100g
  5. Boi Thermal - Restoring Thermal Water for Sensitive Skin 150mL
  6. Boi Thermal - Silessence Renascent Serum Regenerating and Moisturizing 30mL
  7. Boi Thermal - Silessence Night Cream Nourishing and Repairing 50mL
  8. Boi Thermal - Natural Moisturizing Soap 100g
  9. Boi Thermal - Sulphaterm Thermal Muds for PSOriasis and Dermatitis 100mL
  10. Boi Thermal - Silessence Make-Up Remover and Cleansing Mousse 100mL