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High protection body milk spf30 100ml - Avène

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    Avene High protection body milk spf30 100ml
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Avène - High protection body milk spf30 100ml

Haute protection peaux sensibles lait spf30 - Avène

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High and wide spectrum sun protection of sensitive skin.

Effectiveness, protection, tolerance and safety in sun exposure of sensitive skin.

Smooth and not-oily texture. Photostable, water-resistant, parabens free.

Combines photoprotective complex with antioxidant power in skin protection against aggression of solar radiation UVB-UVA. 

How to use





Before sun exposure apply product evenly.

Product must be renewed frequently when prolonged exposure and after each shower.

Suncare - Sensitive Skin - Avène

Sun protection (SPF 20, 30 and 50 +) of sensitive skin.

Patented photoprotector complex (SunSitive® protection) offers excellent, efficient and safe protection against UVB and UVA radiation.

Water resistance.


Avène : make good use of the sun!
Avène : make good use of the sun!
Avène , a reference brand when it comes to skincare and sunscreen, has products for all needs , skin types and age groups. Get to know the products that help your skin to face the sun, protected !

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