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Protect Toothpaste Gel - Arthrodont

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    Arthrodont Protect Toothpaste Gel 75 mL
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Arthrodont - Protect Toothpaste Gel 75 mL

Arthrodont Protect Gel Dentifrice Fluore - Arthrodont

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Gel toothpaste with protective action of gums at risk.

Gum protection and prevention of teeth caries!

Prevents the formation of dental caries, reinforces dental enamel.

Can be used by patients with orthodontic drenches. Can be used safely during pregnancy and lactation.

How to use





Use in brushing, 2 to 3 times a day, after meals.


Gingivitis in Pregnancy
Gingivitis in Pregnancy
During pregnancy there may be several changes in the oral cavity due to various causes, almost all related to plaque buildup and hormonal causes.

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