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Rapid Fall Asleep Fast Spray - Angelicalm

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    Angelicalm Rapid Fall Asleep Fast Spray 30 mL
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Angelicalm - Rapid Fall Asleep Fast Spray 30 mL

Angelicalm Rapid - Angelicalm

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Sleep is a physiological need for the body to regenerate the energy, and regain our physical and emotional balance.

People with a healthy sleep have more biological, psychological and emotional gains, face to those who suffer from sleep disorders.

Several studies indicate that at least one third of the population suffers from some sort of sleep disorder.

Fall asleep quickly and effortlessly!

Because of its rapid absorption and action, Angelicalm Spray is quicker than the tablets, becoming ideal for those who do not intend to take a regular tablet but seek for a SOS action.

Angelicalm Rapid Spray brings together three active principles with recognised efficacy on sleep and whose action complements: Melatonin, Valerian and Passiflora.

Melatonin - sleep regulating:
Melatonin is naturally produced by our body.
The importance of melatonin in sleep led to an important value as a treatment for a wide range of disorders, including:
• Jet Lag;
• Problems caused by works with alternated shifts;
• Primary Insomnia;
• Changes in the sleep-wake cycle;
• Sleep problems with aging;
• Neurodevelopmental abnormalities.

Valerian - sedative:
Historically popular as an anxiolytic and sedative, Valerian has become the preferred choice for insomnia.
The Valerian root has proven to have excellent results in treating anxiety, insomnia, irritability and sleep disorders of nervous origin tranquilizer properties.

Passiflora - tranquilizer​:
The Passiflora extract, known as passion flower or passion fruit, is indicated in cases of anxiety, tension, insomnia and irritability derived from difficulty in falling asleep.
Several laboratory's studies have shown the effectiveness of Passiflora on multiple agents involved in sleep.

How to use






Do 5 sprays into the mouth, preferably in the sublingual area, before bedtime.

Composition (recommended daily dose):
• Melatonin: 1, 9mg
• Passiflora: 20 mg
• Valerian: 30 mg.


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