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Cytelium Drying Lotion Spray Pediatrics Dermatitis Care - A Derma

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    A Derma Cytelium Drying Spray for Oozing Skin Irritations 100 mL
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A Derma - Cytelium Drying Spray for Oozing Skin Irritations 100 mL

Cytelium Spray Asséchant - A Derma

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A Derma


Cytelium Spray is idealfor exudative injuries, like chickenpox, maceration of the folds, diaper dermatitis and retro-auricular lesions.

Drying, softening and absorbing!

Suitable for baby, children and adults, calms irritated skin, protecting, softening, promoting the healing.

Does not stain the skin or clothing and is compatible with other drug treatments.

  • Colloidal Rhealba oat Extract: soothes the skin
  • Zinc oxide: protects the skin and promotes the healing
  • Aqueous suspension of magnesium silicates: drying

How to use

A Derma




Should be applied 2 to 3 times a day.

Shake before use.

Is colorless, fragrance-free.



Scar Care and Prevention
Scar Care and Prevention
Scars are the tattoos we never choose. Whether following surgery or a wound, the general fear is always that they will leave behind a scar. And, how to minimize this scarring and speed up the scarring process?

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