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Wp 70 classic water flosser - Waterpik

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    Waterpik Wp 70 Classic Water Flosser
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Waterpik - Wp 70 Classic Water Flosser

Waterpik - Wp 70 Classic Water Flosser




In order to meet the whole family needs, Waterpik has created the classic WP-70 flosser!

For a deep cleanse, or to clean your teeth between the implants and crowns!

This device allows to effectively remove the oral biofirm, which may persist after brushing the teeth, especially in the areas that are harder-to-reach, thus improving your gum and dental health.

This flosser is powered by electricity, having the handles connected to the base of the device. You can choose between 6 degrees of water pressure, depending on your sensitivity and also your needs.

Its reservoir is capable of storing about 1L of water, and it has a transparent reservoir that allows you to check when it is empty.







  • 2 tips JT-70E (Classic Jet Tip)
  • 1 tip PP-70E (Classic Pik Pocket)
  • 1 tip TC-70E (Flosser Tongue Cleaner)

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