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Ultra water flosser wp-100 - Waterpik

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    Waterpik Ultra water flosser wp-100

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Waterpik - Ultra water flosser wp-100

Waterpik - Ultra Water Flosser




Waterpik WP-100 Ultra Oral Irrigator is the most easy and effective to use a "dental floss"!

Tooth care with proven success!

Perfect for all types of teeth, implants, crowns, bridges or ortodôntia devices, Waterpik WP-100 Ultra Oral Irrigator, is clinically proven to be more efficient and effective than a traditional thong, reducing plaque, gingivitis and gum disease. With a 50% higher efficiency compared to the traditional thong, removes 99.9% of plaque in areas treated with only 3 seconds of use. Is 3 times more effective at cleaning of ortodôntia, and leaves the mouth fresh and clean.
In just 14 days your gums are visibly more healthy!

Main features of the Waterpik Ultra:
- Silent
- 1,200 beats/minute
- Attractive compact design and contemporary
- Advanced control system of 10 pressure levels (0.35 ~ 6.20 bar/5 ~ 90 psi)
- High tank capacity: 600 ml.
- Reservoir cover works as ventilated compartment for 4 tips
- 360 degree rotating Tip
- Pause button (Jet flow control)
- Usable with water and potion or favorite mouthwash
- Very complete, includes a total of series 7 6 tips variety
- Environmentally friendly: low consumption. High energy efficiency
- Maintenance
- 2 years warranty







2 Standard units
1 Palque Seeker unit
1 Orthodontic unit
1 Pik Pocket unit
1 Tongue Cleaning unit

1 Dental Brush


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