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Cordless plus portable water flosser wp-450 - Waterpik

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    Waterpik Cordless plus portable water flosser wp-450
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Waterpik - Cordless plus portable water flosser wp-450

Waterpik - Cordless plus portable water flosser




Waterpik Cordless Plus Oral Irrigator WP-450 Portable is the best portable option of oral health!

A small device with the best oral technology!


Waterpik Cordless Plus provides a unique combination of water jets with adequate pressure to massage and stimulate the gums, removing plaque and bacteria deeply lodged between the teeth below the gum line, where traditionally brush and dental floss They do not reach. Oral irrigator is the only clinically proven efficacy, and 3x more effective than the traditional G-string in reducing plaque, gingivitis and gingival disease, and also in the removal of plaque that accumulates in implants and orthodontic appliances.

It is an excellent solution for those who prefer the convenience of a portable sprinkler. Waterpik Cordless Plus includes an ergonomic design with anti-slip handle, easy to handle and fill the tank, and with a dual pressure control, low pressure for sensitive gums and high pressure for a deep cleaning. Quick and easy to use, the Waterpik Cordless Plus can be used with favorite mouthwash, leaving a clean and refreshing mouthfeel.

Key features of Waterpik WP-450 Cordless Plus:
Quiet | Advanced ergonomic design with anti-slip grip | 1.200pulsações / min | 2 pressure levels (3.10 and 5.20 bar / 45 psi and 75) | reservoir with a capacity of 210 ml. | Rechargeable Ni-MH high capacity (autonomy approx 5 days.) | Ponta rotating 360 degrees | Usable with water and elixir or preferred mouthwash | Environmentally friendly: low power consumption. High energy efficiency | Full Very, serial includes a total of 4 ends of 4 varieties | Transformer included | No maintenance required | 2 Years warranty. | Voltage 220v







1 Standard unit
1 Plaque Seeker nit
1 Orthodontic unit
1 Cleaning Lingual unit


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