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Dental Tape Fluoride Mint - Vitis

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    Vitis Dental Tape Fluoride Mint 50m
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Vitis - Dental Tape Fluoride Mint 50m

Vitis Dental Tape Fluoride Mint 50m - Vitis

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Using the toothbrush, for more efficient it is, can't remove all residue deposited in the areas between your teeth, and this is only achieved with the use of dental tape!

A larger surface area, so that only be health in your mouth!

As the screening board can cause tooth decay and gingivitis, dental tape use daily is highly recommended!

Dental tape possess a smooth contour and thin, which provides a greater surface of entrainment.
The wax facilitates its use, as it allows a better glide, even in most difficult spaces!

How to Use





1 -  Wrap approximately 40cm of yarn around each middle finger, leaving about 10cm between your fingers.
2 -  Hold the floss between your thumb and index finger on both hands, and slide it gently up and down between the teeth.
3 -  Carefully pass the cord around the base of each tooth, surpassing the join line of the tooth with the gum. Never force the wire against the gums, as it can cut or hurt the fragile gingival tissue.
4 -  Use a new piece of piece of floss for each tooth to be cleaned.
5 -  To remove the wire, use moves backwards, from the middle of the teeth.


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