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Capital Soleil Self Tanner Moisturizing Milk - Vichy

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    Vichy Capital Soleil Self Tanner Face and Body 100 mL
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Vichy - Capital Soleil Self Tanner Face and Body 100 mL

Capital Soleil Auto Bronzant - Vichy



This milk moisturizing self-Tanner, gives a natural and uniform Tan with no stains!

Reach a perfect Tan, while moisturizing your body!

All thanks to it's concentration of DHA, which ensures a gradual progressive Tan effect!

Formulated in the texture of milk moisturizing, hydration of the skin up to 12 hours, this self-Tanner, is indicated even for the driest and sensitive skins.
Enriched with vitamin E and moisturizing agents, combating the dehydration of the skin and against matt appearance to preserve the freshness of the Tan effect!

In only 1 hour, the skin acquires a natural, bright and uniform Tan!

Since the first use, the skin complexion is enhanced to a natural Tan, healthy and without blemishes.
Application after application, the skin takes on a Golden Tan radiant, which does not fade!

It is indicated for skins intolerant to Sun and for the skins tanned wishing to achieve a Tan with a glamorous effect!

Does not protect from the Sun!

How to Use






Apply 2 to 4 times a week, depending on the desired result:
1. Make a prior exfoliation of the skin in the face and body, to remove dead cells and standardize the grain of the skin.
2. Apply evenly on the face and body.

Tips: In light hair, avoid applying at the root of the hair and eyebrows. Blur in the knees, elbows and ankles.


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