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Value for Efficacy and Efficiency

02 May 2022

How much do you really value effectiveness and efficiency in your beauty routine?

Within the cosmetics world, it's essential to keep up with new trends and to be aware of what the consumer needs and, more importantly, what the consumer really WANTS in their daily beauty routine!

  Minimalist routines?
Sustainable answers?
Cult products? ....
Or do you like to think "outside the box" and try a little bit of everything?

We have identified some of the beauty trends for the coming months.

Do they fit your choices?

Let's look at some examples!

Minimalist Routine

For this consumer, it really is best to "keep it simple!"

If you like to streamline details or new theories, then this routine will be right for you!

Choose to keep routines with few products, with simple and versatile formulas that accomplish your goal in full.

Some suggestions:

  •  Sweetbox Joana Nobre - The first SweetBox that Joana Nobre, curator of SweetCare, developed. A box composed of 6 cares, corresponding to the essential steps of a cosmetic ritual, with three requirements in mind: simplicity, effectiveness and pleasure.
  •   Etat Pur - A brand suitable for all skin types with a unique, globally patented approach of taking inspiration from the natural functioning of the skin to design a universal, biomimetic skin care line.
  •    SkinCeuticals As a pioneer in advanced skin care, the brand's philosophy consists of 3 basic but fundamental pillars: Prevent, Correct and Protect.
    Cutting-edge technology and advanced ingredients to fight against skin aging.



Sustainable Responses


If when you think about your routine, the value you place on the care you select is its origin and impact on nature in general, then you are a consumer who supports your beauty foundation in sustainability!

If it is possible to make a routine that takes care of you with sustainable products and with total safety and effectiveness?

Of course it is!

There is no lack of response to this growing and increasingly dominant market in the beauty segment.

Products that are vegan, cruelty free, refillable or reusable accessories will always be the best option for this demanding consumer!

Don't know where to start? Here are some tips:

  •   LastObject   - The first reusable, long-lasting alternative to single-use cotton swabs!
    Their mission is to end the pollution caused by single-use plastic, as their material is 100% recyclable.
  •   Apivita This name derives from the Latin words Apis (bee) and Vita (life), reflecting the dynamism and value created by the brand; without harming the environment.
    In its formulations, we find not only the most precious ingredients that bees provide, but also a careful selection of plant extracts and essential oils.
  •  Ivy Bears  - The new generation of vitamin supplements! Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, sorbitol-free, halal, kosher and not tested on animals!
  •  Caudalíe Caudalíe provides enchanting anti-aging skin care born from grapes, vines, leaves and seeds.
    A brand that is not indifferent to the demands of its consumer, and opts for new recyclable and refillable packaging!
  •    Olaplex The effectiveness of this innovative brand is already recognized by thousands of customers and hairdressers around the world!
    Vegan | Cruelty Free | Gluten Free | Paraben Free | Phosphate Free | Phthalate Free | Sulfate Free


Cult Products

Holika Holika

Are you a fan of trends? 

Do you feel like following opinions before trying a new product?

Then for you, beauty is a true cult!

When performance is combined with the hottest new products available on the market, this consumer is willing to do anything!

Yes, because if you think that this consumer gives up effectiveness for the sake of trends, you are wrong!

The demand is equal or greater for a cult customer when choosing the new beauty care.

If you don't already know the new cult skincare featured this spring, our suggestions follow:

  •   Phyto a + Brightening Treatment - SkinCeuticals
    This daily moisturizer visibly reduces excess oil and redness, improves skin texture and lessens the appearance of pores for a more even, radiant complexion.
  •   Gold Kiwi Vita C Plus -Holika Holika
    A range developed with Gold Kiwi Vita FullTM Complex containing Haenam's Golden Kiwi Extract and 12 vitamins, which smooth away minor skin imperfections, as well as promoting skin health and vitality.
  •   Antipigment Skin Perfecting Serum  - Eucerin
    Following the huge success of Antipigment, the new day serum in the line that reduces hyperpigmentation and puts on more even skin in just a few weeks!
  •   Normaderm Probio-Bha Serum - Vichy
    The 1st daily peel with probiotic fractions! Dermatologically tested with 1st results in 7 days, suitable for retentional acne.
  •  Hydra-Hyal Hydrating Plumping Cream - Filorga
    Ideal for young dehydrated skin with fine lines, due to the boosting of hyaluronic acid synthesis, which replenishes the skin's natural reserves.


Mode: "Outside the box"


These are the minds of disruptive and highly creative ideas, when it comes to selecting beauty care that can best define them.

The true illusionists of the digital age, who bet on diversity with high quality to self-express.

Inclusive communication... flash effects... break all the rules!

This consumer is the key so that everyone can express themselves in freedom and without fear!


Get to know some product suggestions:

  •   This Is Us! Eau de Toilette - Zadig&Voltaire
    A unisex fragrance that enhances the unique personality of the wearer. A fragrance to share, a fragrance for everyone!
  •   Cc Homme Au Ginseng Noir - Erborian
    A face treatment with multiple benefits, totally directed to the concerns of men's skin: with color!
  •  NuFace  - A leader in beauty devices for home use, using their cutting-edge technology, microcurrent, NuFACE's award-winning products are clinically proven to help tone, firm and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, providing visibly instant results.
  •  Disney Villains Sheet Face Mask - Mad Beauty
    Fabric masks printed with the very popular DISNEY villains! Wake up your inner villain for a well-deserved spa day ;)


Whatever trend you follow in beauty, we want you to know that it will always be YOUR trend, YOUR demands

Because if effectiveness and efficiency are indispensable for you, you will never be underserved ;)