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The Role of Probiotics

28 June 2022

More and more studies are proving the benefits of using dermatological prebiotics. Find out what they are and the role they play in baby's skin health.


On the surface of the skin there is a community of microorganisms, called the microbiota, which lives in perfect balance with us. There are two types of microbiota: resident and transient. Transient microflora are microorganisms that remain on the skin temporarily, and which are not part of the natural microflora, but have some potential to become harmful. The resident microbiota, on the other hand, is composed of beneficial microorganisms that prevent the skin from being colonized by aggressive microorganisms that cause imbalances or infection.

Preserving the resident microbiota and its beneficial microorganisms is crucial for keeping baby's skin healthy.

By feeding the beneficial microorganisms, prebiotics have the ability to stimulate the skin's natural defenses, as they strengthen the skin's beneficial bacteria, thus preventing the growth of aggressive microorganisms. In this way, they educate the immune system in preventing skin imbalances.

Barral BabyProtect

Studies show that the use of prebiotics in hygiene and cosmetic products is important for the maintenance of healthy baby skin, allowing the regulation of the microbiota. 

The dermatological prebiotic Biolin is present in the entire Barral BabyProtect range. This ingredient increases the natural defenses of baby's fine and fragile skin. How? By feeding the skin's beneficial microorganisms (which are its main protective barrier), leaving no room for pathogenic microorganisms (the ones that cause redness, irritation and infections) to take hold.