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Scent-Sational Gifts for Your Mom

02 May 2023

Still don't know what to offer for Mother's Day? A perfume is always a safe choice! For a bolder or more delicate mother, we bring you the stories of the best perfumes to create moments and evoke memories!


Giving gifts to those we love the most is something we wish we could do anytime, but when that special date comes along, we want it to be "THE gift", and make that day, a particularly emotional day.

"It could be a gift like any other, but no, this one has a special meaning because it's for you, Mom..."

"I chose a perfume for Mother's Day. It may be symbolic, but it is filled with tenderness, full of feeling and loaded with memories." 

Create a moment to remember with that fragrance that we will always associate with our mother, whether today, or forever, but that will be a part of her and make it unique.

For mothers, for friends, for confidants, I give you some suggestions. Perfumes that have their own story but have an immense desire to be part of yours. We spend a lifetime looking for an unforgettable moment, and sometimes we forget that this moment can be simply to make someone happy!

Fragrances like Sì Passione by Giorgio Armani irradiate confidence, strength and seduction. This fragrance is the representation of the delicate women who, when touched by passion, becomes a fighter and incredibly powerful. An addictive feminine perfume with notes like black currant and pear, coupled with the delicate power of jasmine make this perfume perfect for a mother who vibrates with emotions and who captivates with her strength.

For mothers who inspire generations, and who turn our less good days into days full of tenderness with just a simple hug, the right choice is La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme. A fragrance that symbolizes the power of women and their unique way of sharing their happiness, with notes such as Iris Pallida and Jasmine Sambac, so feminine and so distinctively striking. La Vie Est Belle has the gift of bringing smiles wherever it goes!

If the ideal fragrance for your mother is a tribute to freedom and inner strength, choose Libre by Yves Saint Laurent, a fougère floral fragrance that combines the sensuality of orange blossom with the subtlety of lavender. An elegant bottle adorned with the iconic timeless logo of the Yves Saint Laurent brand. Perfect for mothers who appreciate sophistication and haute couture.

And, for the mothers loyal to striking scents that their children recognize every time they smell it, choose for Angel Eau de Parfum by Mugler. A fragrance for determined, seductive women who enchant those who cross their path. Angel combines the power of patchouli with the sensuality of praline, red berries, and vanilla absolute notes.

Seize the opportunity to offer the perfect gift this Mother's Day with one of these stories, which has the power to conquer not only your day, but also theirs!

 When you offer with your heart, every gift is perfect!