10 July 2024

Sweet Awards | July 2024

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Winner: Kérastase Première Range

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What is it?

SweetAwards Julho 2024

The big news from Kérastase for all dull, rough or breakage-prone hair that may be suffering from a "calcium overdose". Calcium can build up with each wash and although it doesn't interfere with the elasticity of the hair, it can leave it less soft, dull and unhealthy looking.

Although hard water (water that has a high level of dissolved mineral content, the most common minerals being calcium and magnesium) is not normally a health concern in the long term, it can cause hair to become frizzy and prone to tangling and breaking. Hair becomes drier, as the accumulation of hard water can cause hair to absorb less of the moisture provided by products such as conditioners.

Kérastase's new Première line combines a powerful concentration of glycine and citric acid, developed to descale the hair and leave it ultra-soft and shiny. With continuous use, the shine is amplified and the hair becomes even smoother.

The complete Kérastase Première line consists of six luxurious products, three of which are essential for the "magic" to happen: the Descaling Pre-Shampoo Treatment, the Descaling Repair Shampoo and the Fondant Repair Conditioner and if you want to try this line, this is where you should start.

After the first Première treatment, you can see that your hair is immediately significantly softer with the Descaling Pre-Shampoo Treatment and the

Descaling Repair Shampoo. The conditioner is essential in a washing routine and this one offers extra softness (the mask has the same effect, but with a more nourishing touch). Before drying the hair, the Repairing Serum helps to align the hair and reduce frizz, leaving the strands feeling really soft. To finish the hairstyle, a few drops of the Intensive Shine Repair Oil can be applied to the entire length to help amplify shine and definition!

The scent of the range is a perfect unisex fragrance with a combination of citrus and woody notes.

Who can use it?

Anyone with any type of hair who wants to improve its appearance, shine and softness.

How to use?

SweetAwards Julho 2024

Kérastase's Première line consists of 6 luxurious products. But if you want to start enjoying all the benefits of this line, you should use at least 3 essentials: the Descaling Pre-Shampoo Treatment, the Descaling Repairing Shampoo and the Fondant Repairing Conditioner. The other products will help amplify shine, softness and reduce frizz. The 6 products are used in this way:

  1. Descaling Pre-Shampoo Treatment: used on damp (unwashed) hair, before shampooing. It's like a serum, transparent and with an active and very pleasant scent, which is easily applied all over the hair (at the end of the application you can run a comb through the hair). Leave it on for just five minutes. This treatment can be done once a week.
  2. Descaling Repair Shampoo: it may seem like a nonsense, but it is applied directly to the hair on top of the pre-shampoo treatment without rinsing the treatment. This is where "the magic" happens! The hair is immediately transformed. A note: as the hair is not completely soaked at this stage, it may be necessary to add just a little water when massaging the shampoo in.
  3. Fondant Repair Conditioner: apply after shampooing. Simply remove excess water from the hair and apply this light conditioner (it feels like a gel) to complete the routine!
  4. Repairing Filler Mask: a perfect complement to the Première self-care routine! It is applied to freshly washed hair instead of conditioner and can be used once or twice a week. It has a rich, nourishing feel.
  5. Anti-Frizz Filler Fondamental Repair Serum is a serum that protects against possible heat damage, breakage and frizz, and leaves hair very soft. It is applied to damp hair (towel-dried) before drying or styling. The texture is ultra-light.
  6. Intensive Shine Repair Oil, the nourishing (but light) oil in the range that is applied to damp or dry hair. It can be used on already dried and finished hair to amplify shine and further reduce frizz.



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