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Sweet Awards | January 2024

25 January 2024

January's Sweet Awards winners have been chosen! After a year full of incredible choices, this year begins with the theme of innovative technologies and sustainability.


Winner: Skin Filler Bio-Performance by Shiseido

Theme: Innovative Technologies / Sustainability

What is it?

A novelty from Shiseido that sold out immediately after launch! It's a duo of inseparable serums with plumping action, for special days or every day and with totally INNOVATIVE technology!

SweetAwards Janeiro 2024

This duo of serums is based on a technology called MolecuShift. This technology is totally innovative in anti-ageing cosmetics and allows for a real plumping effect! In fact, it makes more use than ever of the fabulous powers of hyaluronic acid and Shiseido's expertise in this area, being the result of three years of research and three patents already applied for.

With this launch, Shiseido research has succeeded in a huge challenge: guaranteeing the penetration into the skin of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (which normally remains only on the surface of the skin), while maintaining its maximum moisturizing action, for a FILLING and smoothing effect.

This innovation is based on a two-stage strategy, which is why there are two serums:

  1. In the night serum - the one in the dark blue packaging - we find the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid compacted (using a Compactor) to allow it to penetrate the skin, preserving its molecular structure.
  2. The day serum - the one in the light blue packaging - achieves the feat of re-expanding the hyaluronic acid through an Expander to instantly fill and give volume to the skin from the inside. The effect? Rested features, plumped, filled and deeply hydrated skin.

Who can use it?

Virtually anyone can use this serum duo because it works on any skin type and at any age. It's an unscented serum duo without any irritating ingredients, so all skin types can use it at any time of the year: every day, in cycles throughout the year or on special days.

How to use it?

This duo of serums can be applied daily or as a "flash treatment".

  • At what step of the routine? Instead of a moisturizing serum.
  • How? At night, apply the serum in the dark blue container immediately before your moisturizer.
  • During the day, at least 6 hours after using the night serum, apply the day serum, the one in the light blue packaging, immediately before the moisturizing cream.
  • This duo of serums can also be used on the eye contour.

The packaging dispenses the quantity for one application (1 pump equals 1 application), but a little less can be used depending on the area to be applied.


SweetAwards Janeiro 2024

This duo of serums is inspired by aesthetic procedures, but it's very difficult to make this comparison because medical aesthetic procedures work more deeply into the skin and carry out real structural remodeling. It is an alternative for those who don't want to undergo injectable procedures (which always carry some risks). The brand says that in just 1 day the skin looks 5 years younger. I noticed the difference the very first night! And my husband and children wondered if I'd had a cosmetic procedure! But it will vary, of course. You may not notice this effect on the first night.

Once you've finished, you can use the same packs again with their own refills.

This is a real innovation in terms of technology, but it is also an example of sustainability, which is such an important step and an example that all brands, including premium brands, can take. Refills are an example of sustainability and a necessary step in the evolution of cosmetic care and the preservation of our planet.



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