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Skin health in pregnancy and postpartum

15 March 2022

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but there are “hidden” challenges that motherhood poses, both emotionally and physically. Take care of your skin with the Mustela Maternity range!



Pregnancy is a wonderful period, the birth of a child a magical phase and the first moments of motherhood a time of constant discovery and fascination.
The challenge that nature poses to us with the generation of a human being just like us in everything, but totally dependent on birth, that we can pamper and that we must help to grow and form is almost inexplicable. But there are other “hidden” challenges that motherhood poses, both emotionally and physically.



Starting right the moment the egg is fertilized, the woman's body begins, as if by a miracle, to undergo numerous changes that enhance all the conditions necessary for the generation of a new life. In a natural way, the body begins to prepare itself, in a first phase, for the development of the fetus and, thereafter and with successive adaptations, for the growth of the baby, for childbirth and for breastfeeding. But this magic brings with it some drawbacks, namely with regards to the skin, which is subjected to the most severe challenges ...

The skin requires an unprecedented effort! Stretching in the abdominal area but also in the thighs, hips and chest, associated with intense hormonal changes and imbalances in the levels of collagen and elastin in the skin, can cause the appearance of small lesions on the skin and cause scarring, resulting in irreversible esthetic consequences.



Being a MOTHER is the main life role for all mothers. The goals change, the focus changes and life takes on another meaning. From the first minute!

But in addition to being unique and indisputably magical, motherhood "hides" a series of emotional and physical challenges that are not always easy to answer.

Having doubts is absolutely normal and transversal to all women, as well as feeling insecure. Everything is new, everything is yet to be discovered, regardless of whether it is a first pregnancy or a “second trip”. The arrival of a baby, with its own needs and characteristics, and the desire to "live up to" in all situations is, in itself, a huge emotional challenge.

And all of this happens while the mother “inhabits a new body”, different from what it was before, which is also a huge challenge and can lead to breaks in self-esteem and self-confidence, especially if motherhood has left some marks, with the appearance of unwanted stretch marks or sagging skin.



Breastfeeding is highly recommended and its the benefits are numerous, both for the mother (helping the uterus to contract after delivery and facilitating the recovery of the reproductive organs and also to balance the body's weight), and for the baby (preventing respiratory and gastrointestinal infections, facilitating the elimination of meconium and decreasing the risk of obesity and digestive problems).

But as much as the desire to breastfeed exists, the process is not always easy and pleasurable, and can cause discomfort and even some complications, with absolutely devastating effects on the well-being of the new mother - who "insists" on forgetting herself and only wishes the best for her baby, without hesitation and with the utmost tranquility.



Right from the start, opting for specifically adapted care, which helps to respond to the additional needs of the skin in that period in which there are so many changes and that are completely safe for the baby, is essential.

The sooner you start the “ritual” of compensation for skin changes, reinforcing the skin's elasticity and promoting its deep hydration, the better.

On the one hand, stretch marks are a common condition and, once formed, are difficult to reverse ... However, with the right care it is possible to prevent their appearance, even during pregnancy.

At the same time, ensuring the firmness of the skin and enabling it for the recovery process after the intense stretch to which it is subjected, actively promoting its tonicity, it is possible using firming and remodeling care - provided that they are specially adapted for the period of pregnancy and postpartum and that offer complete security.

Finally, applying specific care for breastfeeding that helps restore the nipple after each feeding, calms the feeling of discomfort and protects the sensitive nipples is essential.



Trusting the health of the skin to specialists means to ensure that you are provided with the right help at each stage of the process and to be confident that safety for the mother and baby is ensured.

With unique expertise to meet all needs, Mustela Maternity is the specialized range that takes care of pregnant skin like no one else! Care specifically developed to prevent unwanted stretch marks, guarantee the firmness of the skin and its integrity during breastfeeding is the commitment of this range, developed to use and abuse without prejudice.


With clinically proven effectiveness, Mustela Maternity care is extremely practical to use and offers pleasant textures, in an unprecedented safety commitment for the mother and baby since the first month of pregnancy.

Developed through careful investigation of the pregnant woman's skin and with 97% of ingredients of natural origin, Mustela Maternity is a range completely free of caffeine and 100% compatible with breastfeeding.

Mustela Maternity turns every gesture of care into a unique moment of well-being and comfort.