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Flight beauty survival guide!

23 March 2018

Airplane travels have adverse effects on your skin , hair and legs. So, get to know the best products to ensure that you will arrive pretty "fresh" to your destination !

Holidays are there for most people, and we've already elect our favorite to take on the go! *See our article of beauty products to take with you on vacation. However, if the journey to your destination, whatever it is, involve flying, there's beauty products that you really should take with we. Preparing a good beauty kit is important to ensure you arrive at your destination fresh and recovered from the effects of altitude.

Heavy and dry eyes, dry skin, chapped lips, and hands tugging rough, shaggy hair and heavy legs are some of the effects of low humidity and pressurization inside the cabin do to our body. So, don't forget to select beauty products that  you should take with you respecting the sizes allowed by law.


Arriving ate the plane, and despite you haven't make up on, it is advisable to clean the skin and, since you're going to spend a few hours closed, why not take advantage of the trip to do a skin spa? So, in addition to cotton pads, take a mini-dose of micelle water. It's smooth, cleans well and suits various skin types. We love this 2. Himalaya micellar cleansing water Taaj because it cleans, and eliminates impurities from face and eyes, in a single step.

Then enjoy the facial masks and protect the eye contour from dryness and discomfort. To be practical, we recommend you to take a maks at a sachet size and to your eyes, these 3. Stress relief eye mask of Estée Lauder are perfect. Is a revitalizing mask in the form of delicate pads for the eye contour area, with anti-stress and anti-fatigue properties, wih specific ingredients such as Aloe Vera and cucumber, to moisturize and soften the skin. To the skin of the face and neck, the 4. Hydraphase mask sachets are very good. Consists of a hydrating mask with gel-cream texture for a fresh and comfortable sensation to your skin. Its formulation with hyaluronic acid infuses the skin immediately and retains water permanently on the skin with moisturizing and antioxidant action.

The best way to spend time during flights is by resting and, if you can sleep, so much the better. So, take this practice 1. Travel neck pillow to relieve pressure in natural wool, ideal for cervical support during the trip. This pressure relief and comfort make it an excellent travel companion. And, nothing better than the silence so you can rest, so don't forget to bring a pair of 5. foam plugs that provide comfort and noise protection.


As soon as the trip begins, you will start to feel the effects of the lack of moisture and the signs of dry hands. So, apply and reapply often a hand cream and we, by the compact size, recommend this 1. Doudoune erborian's which is a nourishing cream to moisturize and smooth the delicate skin of the hands. Also the lips and hair will show signs of extreme dryness and so, use rich moisturizers and products, in order to quench the sensation of roughness. For the lips, this 4. Vita-mineral lip balm from Ren 's fantastic because it's a soothing care that restores, repairs and restores the comfort. And for the hair, we recommend the 3. Phyto 9 daily ultra nourishing cream for very dry hair, whose main action is to provide the very dry hair the missing nutrients, reconstituting the hydrolipidic film and restoring balance and vitality to your hair.

At one point, the pressure of the journey will begin to make itself felt in your legs and especially to those who have poor circulation, must have special care. So, in addition to loose and comfortable clothes, you should take this 2. Mavala Revitalizing emulsion for tired legs, which refreshes and relaxes tired legs. Formulated with Witch Hazel, which acts as an anti-inflammatory, ivy extract acts as a decongestant and together, they provide a sensation of lightness and freshness.

Don't forget of your eyes, especially if you are contact lenses user. The solution Hyabak 0,15% hypotonic solution is intended to be applied in the eyes or contact lenses and is ideal for hydration and eye lubrication in the case of sensation of dryness.


With land at sight, it's up to you to decide whether you want to just apply a cream before exiting the plane. Or, if on the other hand, you want to get a hint of color on your face. If your plans include a bit of color, we suggest that at minutes from landing, you remove the excess (if there is any) of the facial mask, and you can do it with a spray of thermal water and a cotton. A favorite of all time is this 4. thermal water of Avène, by its soothing properties and its travel-friendly format. Then, spray the famous 3. Caudalie beauty Elixir that will help retrieve the freshness and luminosity lost in travel. Hydrate the skin with your favorite product and we are in love by the renewed 1. Caudalie Vinosource  range, which has a moisturizer suitable for every skin. *See our article dedicated to the complete Caudalie Vinosource line.

No need to overwork the skin with foundation, but choose a bb cream or moisturizer with color of your choice. Or so, simplify and give a touch of light in your face with the application of 2. Touche Éclat of Yves Saint Laurent in the dark circles and high at your cheekbones.

Finally, and for a touch of color, no doubt the 5. Chubby Sticks of Clinique meet our preference, not only by the diversity of colors, but because of the easy and comfortable application. And, as a trick to wake up a sallow skin, use it as a touch of color on cheekbones. Nobody's going to believe that you just came out of a flight!