29 June 2021

Pigmentation and what to do about it

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martiderm pigmentation

We all know that concerns about pigmentation increase at this time of the year, with the arrival of Summer.


The biggest responsibles for the altering of melanin production are:

  • Excessive sun exposure without proper care,
  • Hormonal changes: often related to contraceptives, pregnancy or menopause.
  • Age: as we age, the amount of melanocytes decrease, however their activity increases
  • Inflammations and skin lesions that cause the release of melanin,
  • And certain medications.


martiderm capsules

There are different types of spots from solar lentigines, senile, melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, among others.

Within Martiderm, we have a line of clinical studies, visible results and with answers to the different types of spots.
Those who are concerned about blemishes know that the constant application of products, the modest exposure to the sun will greatly benefit the entire depigmentation process.


martiderm cream 50+

Some tips for using the products:

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