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Origin Pro Egf-5 - Rejuvenate Your Skin

29 November 2022

The Origin Pro EGF-5 range was born to meet the needs of all people who are active, elegant and demanding with life and their skin and are looking for a minimalist routine that meets all their needs.


Every day our skin is constantly subjected to external aggressions – exposome – which leads to negative repercussions on the state of our skin: aging tends to accelerate and the signs of aging become increasingly visible.

However, it is in our hands to be able to reverse and compensate for the negative effects of the exposome such as pollution, stress, poor diet, exposure to tobacco, etc.

Sensilis Serum

Sensilis can help: with Origin Pro EGF-5 you will be able to recover the regenerating power  of your skin, preventing and correcting all signs of aging.

And why is this regenerative power so important?

We know that over the years the skin has decreased its capacity for cell regeneration, as well as its capacity for epidermal renewal, decreasing the amount of production and quality of structural proteins.

In this way, it is essential to bet on active ingredients that contradict this natural trend, and this is how FormulaOrigin Pro EGF-5 emerges. 

Based on the 3 great principles of the pyramid of beauty and skin health from Dr. Draelos, this formula will respond to the needs of protection and repair, cell renewal and stimulation of our skin.  Therefore, in the Origin Pro range we are not only protecting and preventing the harmful effects of the exposome but acting at a deeper level and enhancing skin rejuvenation.

In order to do so, Origin Pro EGF-5 formula is formed by a peptide ecosystem:

  • 5 Growth Factors that will stimulate fibroblasts and the production of collagen and elastin (structural proteins) as well as hyaluronic acid. This provides a remodeling, redensifying and restorative action, and the signs of improvement in elasticity, firmness and tone of the skin are visible;
  • Pentapeptides 28 and 31 that protect DNA from photoaging, protect epidermal mother cells and stimulate their metabolism, combating chronological aging.


Origin Pro EGF-5 routine

The Origin Pro EGF-5 routine is a minimalist routine consisting of 3 products that will respond to the needs of the most demanding consumer.

Sensilis Serum

Origin Pro EGF-5 [Serum]is a true global skin rejuvenation concentrate. With results of improved elasticity in the order of 30%1 at the end of a month and in luminosity at the end of 15 minutes, this is a product which most surprising effects are in reducing the length and number of existing wrinkles (about 49%1 at the end of 1 month of treatment).

Furthermore, applying this serum in your routine as a first step on a clean and dry face ensures an anti-pollution andantioxidant action throughout the day, very important in the fight against exposome.

Complete the face routine by applying Origin Pro EGF-5 [Cream], in the morning and evening, after the serum. Formulated by the exclusive peptide ecosystem, this cream can transform the overall state of the skin, giving comfort, greater density, luminosity, firmness and elasticity.

Results on wrinkles are also visible after the first month of treatment, with an average reduction of 43%2 of surface wrinkles!

Regarding eye contour, the new Origin Pro EGF-5 [Eyes] will be the most complete answer for those who want global rejuvenation care that reduces bags and dark circles.

The Origin Pro formula provides visible improvements in erythema, in the amount of melanin accumulated in the dark circles area and the length and depth of wrinkles, as can be seen in the images below. In addition, the product also contains a beige pigment that will correct the color and another pigment with soft-focus effect, that by the scattering of light will allow an immediate disguise of the wrinkle.

Redução do eritema e quantidade de melanina na Olheira ao final de 28 dias de tratamento

Figure 1 - Reduction of erythema and amount of melanin in dark circles at the end of 28 days of treatment3.  Images captured and analyzed with MIRAVEX ANTERA 3D.

Redução do comprimento e profundidade das rugas ao final de 28 dias

Figure 2 - Reduction of the length and depth of wrinkles at the end of 28 days3.  Images captured and analyzed with MIRAVEX ANTERA 3D.


All these products have been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and are non-comedogenic. Hence, these can be used on all skin types, ensuring maximum sensoriality and efficacy, which is the foundation of any Sensilis product.


1. Clinical study conducted on 20 volunteers applying the product once a day
2. Clinical study conducted on 20 volunteers applying the product twice a day
3. Clinical study conducted in 20 volunteers with dark circles, phototypes I to IV, including sensitive skin, applying the product twice a day