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Neutrogena® Bright Boost

15 March 2022

More radiant skin in 1 week! Neutrogena® has developed a new range of facials. The premise of these new products is to give a "boost" of luminosity to the skin and prevent skin aging.


A range developed by Millenials for Millenials

4 brilliant scientists, from 4 different continents, worked together to develop a facial care range to suit your needs. Why? Because they felt that they were in a transitional stage: they no longer had pimples and blemishes characteristic of adolescence, but there were no pronounced wrinkles either. They were actually at the beginning of the skin aging process, where they felt their skin was dull, dry and lackluster.


The key ingredient in Bright Boost - Neoglucosamine


The key active and differentiating ingredient in the Bright Boost range is Neoglucosamine® - a non-acidic amino sugar - which activates and accelerates the skin's natural cell renewal, making it 10x faster.

And what is the result of this increased cell renewal?!

- Prevention of skin aging for brighter, more even skin;

- Decrease in the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles;

- Increased exfoliation of hyperpigmented skin areas for a more even tone;

- Neoglucosamine® as a precursor of Hyaluronic Acid is effective in filling and moisturizing the skin.

In addition to Neoglucosamine®, the range contains Mandelic Acid which refines the skin's texture and promotes a rejuvenated look, and Antioxidant Vitamins C & E which protect the skin from external environmental aggressions.

Which products make up the Neutrogena Bright Boost range?

For a complete daily facial skin care routine, 5 products have been developed:

Bright Boost

- Exfoliating Cream: that will help gently remove impurities from dull skin, for visibly brighter and smoother looking skin. It has 3x the exfoliating power of a regular exfoliator. Massage onto damp face 1-3 times a week.

- Brightening Serum: with a high concentration of neoglucosamine, instantly brightens the skin, reduces visible imperfections, improving skin tone and texture. Apply daily to the face and neck before the day cream and night cream to enhance its effects, massaging gently.

- Gel-Cream: for daily hydration that will increase skin cell renewal up to 10x. Refreshes and prevents skin aging (dryness, uneven skin tone and expression lines), for visibly brighter and more even skin.

- Night Cream: moisturizes and enhances the skin's natural cell renewal; reduces melanin production, improving skin tone and helps maintain the skin's natural collagen production.

- Face Moisturizing Fluid with SPF30, a smooth, transparent moisturizer (ideal to apply before makeup) that helps brighten and protect the skin with FP30 (UVA/UVB filters).


All products have a smooth texture, a pleasant fragrance, and are suitable for all skin types and tones.