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Cosmelan 2 Vs Dermamelan

27 July 2022

Learn the differences between the two most effective treatments on the market against melasma!


Whenever we talk about melasma immediately Cosmelan and Dermamelan come to the conversation as the divine solution for the dark spots. But are they really a solution? What are so special about these two treatments, which though expensive are the best selling products in the market? Will be effective in all dark spots? They may be used by all people? We will all have the same results? To try to know EVERYTHING about these two treatments we contacted Mesoestetic to realize what the differences between the Cosmelan and Dermamelan. And the result was a super interesting and very enlightening conversation! 

But before we go to talk with the brand, we will present both treatments so that you realize what we're talking about here.

The Cosmelan and Dermamelanare depigmenting cosmetic treatments, highly effective against skin blemishes of melanic origin. It is important before further strengthen these treatments are given only for melanin source spots (melasma, chloasma, age spots, or from the use of oral contraceptives, photosensitization and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) and the use thereof for the treatment of other types of spots is not indicated and may not even be effective. The ideal, before opening the purse strings, is knocking on the door of your dermatologist and steal an assessment about your brown spots ;)

But what do they really do?

These treatments result from a combination of depigmenting ingredients that act on cells responsible for coloring the skin in order to model the exacerbated production of melanin (the pigment responsible for spots), with peeling ingredients that will attenuate existing spots in the surface layer of skin, by increasing cell turnover and rejuvenating the skin.

It seems a bit like all the other anti-dark spots treatments on the market do, right? WRONG!

The fact is that the Cosmelan and Dermamelan are professional treatments comprising two stages of treatment, including the application of the first phase in a medical or cosmetic office, and the subsequent use of a home maintenance cream for a period of at least 7 months. And the results are plain to see: in 99% of cases with abnormal spots or hyperpigmentation of epidermal location, the process of attenuation or disappearance of spots reaches 95% efficiency! It is the case to say that these gentlemen do not mess around, do not you think?


Now we're a little more at ease with Cosmelan and Dermamelanlet's talk about Mesoestetic and try scrutinize a little more this subject.

What is the "Cosmelan and Dermamelan" treatment?

Melan Tran3x

The Cosmelan and Dermamelan are cosmetic treatments with two phases: the first held in cabin by a qualified professional, which applies Cosmelan1 or DermamelanMask, properly and adjusted to the type and spot extension, sensitivity and skin type and skin condition of each person; the second stage, maintenance, is performed at home through daily application of Cosmelan 2 or Dermamelan Treatment, in combination with complementary treatments such as Melan Tran3x Daily Depigmenting Gel Cream, Hydra Vital Factor K, Mesoprotech sunscreens, etc. Followed by monitoring visits to the aesthetic professional or the doctor who applied the treatment. This control and professional follow-up are essential to the success of treatment, as well as discipline in the implementation of home maintenance treatments.

What is the difference between the Cosmelan 2 and the Dermamelan Treatment?

The Cosmelan 2 is a depigmentation maintenance cream for use at home after the application of peeling Cosmelan Pack in aesthetic cabine. The Dermamelan Treatment cream is also depigmentation of home maintenance but whose concentration of ingredients is higher and therefore its use is dependent on a prescription and the appropriate peel is applied only in medical office.

How effective is the treatment Cosmelan in removing dark spots?

The effectiveness of Cosmelandepigmentation treatment depend on various internal and external factors of the consumer, which should be evaluated by a professional. The correct application of the products according to laboratory protocol, performed by a professional, and their proper monitoring and home maintenance are essential for successful treatment. It is intended primarily "mitigate" the spots. We recommend that you always evaluated by a specialist in the area, so the diagnosis is the most adapted to each individual case. Depigmenting treatments are not combinable with sun exposure. Which means that, it is sun exposure, will have spots (more pronounced or less pronounced). Which means that if you make sun exposure, you will have spots (more pronounced or less pronounced).

Cosmelan and Dermamelan Treatment are really expensive. It is possible to apply only the Cosmelan 2 without the peeling treatment in cabin?

Not at all! For the treatment to be effective and achieve an efficiency of 95% is essential to fulfill the mark protocol:

  1. skin assessment, the type and extent of the stain to be treated by a professional (anamnesis);
  2. lay out the treatment and the approach to the spot, and prepare the skin for the CosmelanandDermamelanPack (this preparation increase in the permeability of the skin to receive the mask peeling, which can be made using chemical peels in the office or at home through the use of specific products such as brightening peel booster, for example;
  3. application of Cosmelanor DermamelanPack, by a professional according to the protocol established by the laboratory;
  4. application of home treatment (Cosmelan 2 or Dermamelan) by the client in accordance with the professional guidelines or brand.

It is important to emphasize that it is totally inadvisable and contraindicated the application os CosmelanPack in the home environment without the accompaniment of a professional - medical or aesthetic! Before applying these treatments, evaluation and diagnosis of skin is critical, and only after preparation and application of these steps according to the protocol it is possible to apply the Pack. It is important that the protocol is complied with, in order to obtain the desired results! The protocol is presented to doctors and health professionals, provides important specifications, such as the correct amount of product to be applied on face per cm2 in order to obtain results. Or the number of hours the mask should stand in the face without compromising the sensitivity of the skin.

There are depigment products whose application is contraindicated in the summer. In the case of Cosmelan, there are specific periods of the year to start these treatments?

These treatments can be done throughout the year. Taking due care with sunlight and heat sources directly on the face. It will be more comfortable doing the treatment after the summer as the risks are lower for re-pigmentation. Skin exposed to the sun = spots and aging.

What skin reactions should we expect with the application of these treatments? And they will be the same for all persons?

No. Depending on the threshold of tolerance of each skin, the skin type we are dealing with and the history and treatments that the skin has already been subjected, it can be felt several different reactions. Blushing and burning on the face are normal in the first days of application, and are not of concern, although it can be very intense reactions. This feeling will disappear with treatment days. It is important to note that the areas near the mouth and nose (nasogenian), are the most sensitive areas and may flake off or burn excessively, causing discomfort reactions, but which are normal and fully provided by the laboratory. The skin when peels also may develop micro-cracks that with the application of maintenance products at home (Cosmelan and Dermamelan) promote burning.

However it is important to mention that the peeling depends and varies from person to person and, above all, if the person already made prior treatments. Every realization of the treatment, the skin of each person may react in different ways, peeling and blushing very little or nothing. This does not mean that the treatment is not being effective, simply the process of skin renewal is standard, and as such the scaling is more mild or almost imperceptible.

When should we expect to get results?

The duration of treatment should be defined by the professional responsible for the treatment, taking into account the diagnosis of skin. However Cosmelan or Dermamelan treatment should never be less than a period of seven months. In the first or second week after initiating treatment with Cosmelan can already be observed a remarkable improvement of the skin. Sensing is the reduction of spots and treated in parallel is observed the appearance of a brighter and rejuvenated skin. 

What are the necessary care in the application of Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatment?

  • Pay attention to the recommendations and professional maintenance protocol;
  • Use sunscreen SPF 50 several times a day;
  • Use hats and brimmed when exposed to the sun (walking or terraces);
  • Drink plenty of water to rebalance water loss through the skin.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes - in accidental case remove with water;
  • Not recommended for use in children below the age of 12;
  • In the case of flushing, itching and flaking, you should use the Fast Skin Repair and in case of dehydrated skin use the Hydra Vital Factor K;
  • Avoid direct sunlight or any heat source: saunas, Turkish bath, uncapping pots, open ovens, etc.
  • Take care skin care products and other products to avoid the unpleasant and unforeseen interactions use recommended by your professional;
  • It is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding;