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Lierac Lift Integral: the Architect of Your Skin

06 March 2023

For the first time, LIERAC research decodes the secret of skin structure. It restores firmness, elasticity and plumpness... for an Integral Lift effect.


The skin is an extremely complex and resistant structure, organized in a systematic and precise manner.

It consists of supporting macroelements (elastin and collagen) and filling elements (hyaluronic acid), but also of microelements (structural glycoproteins) that connect all these elements to each other.

Each of these elements has a fundamental role in the structure of the skin, but over the years, especially from the age of 40, they begin to undergo qualitative and quantitative changes These end up having direct consequences on the extracellular matrix of the skin leading to aging and relaxation of its structure. Thus, these changes lead to:

  • Loss of Firmness
  • Relaxation
  • Wrinkles

With Lift Integral we will be the architects of your skin and restore firmness, elasticity and plumpness! Lierac Laboratories listen to the language of the skin and go further in understanding it by focusing not only on reprogramming the natural synthesis of macroelements, but also of microelements. At the base of all formulas is the StructureLift Complex:

  • With Rose RNA to increase collagen and fibronectin synthesis for firmer, more resilient skin;
  • With Black Tulip Extract to increase synthesis of elastin and fibrillin, for more elastic and supple skin
  • And with Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid of 100% natural origin to increase endogenous hyaluronic acid synthesis for plumper, plumper skin.


The new Lift Integral range consists of 4 essential face care products with sensorial textures and high effectiveness, without compromising on naturalness. The Tensor Serum, the Firming Day Cream, the Regenerating Night Cream and the Lift Eye Care.

The care is adapted to all skin types, even sensitive skin, is vegan, composed of at least 97% of components of natural origin, and formulated without controversial components such as phenoxyethanol, silicones, parabens, and PEG.

Motivated by an eco-responsible approach, Laboratoires Lierac has also developed refills for the Firming Day Cream and the Regenerating Night Cream that can be purchased separately.

The Tensor Serum, enriched with vegetable polymers, should be used morning and evening on the face and neck. It has a 99% naturalness percentage and a creamy, enveloping texture.

The Firming Day Cream, enriched with shea butter, has a light, comfortable texture for all skin types and should be applied every morning to the face and neck. It has a 98% naturalness percentage.

The Regenerating Night Cream, enriched with rosehip oil, has a rich and enveloping texture for all skin types and should be applied every night on the face and neck. It has a 97% naturalness percentage.

The Lift Eye Care, enriched with shea butter and fragrance-free, has a fine, melting texture and should be applied morning and night to the eye and lip contour. With an integrated porcelain applicator tip, it enhances the refreshing and revitalizing effect, with a 97% naturalness percentage.