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LABRAINS | Natural Dermocosmetics Brand

06 September 2023

Unlock the Beauty of Science with LABRAINS: Where Nature's Secrets Meet Scientific Precision for Pure, Safe, and Stunning Results.


Created in Europe, LABRAINS believes that healthy skin is beautiful skin! The natural cosmetics brand LABRAINS, which is designed for all skin types, but especially for people with sensitive and problematic skin, for some time already has been internationally ranked among the best cosmetic products. If you want to increase the good with your work and do not spare your efforts, you can achieve a lot, is convinced the creator of the brand, chemist Dr. oec Līga Brūniņa.



What is the special thing that distinguishes LABRAINS cosmetics from products created by other manufacturers?

First of all, LABRAINS is a natural dermocosmetics produced in Latvia, which is specially created for people with sensitive, irritated, dry, as well as normal facial skin. Our philosophy is based on the key principles of sustainability and innovation. LABRAINS produces health-safe, allergen-free cosmetics developed according to the latest scientific research. LABRAINS already offers six product lines designed for different age groups and facial skin problems. Our cosmetics are 100% vegan, and the packages of creams and serums are specially thought out – they have replaceable inner bottles or refill.

Secondly, LABRAINS is a natural dermocosmetics – still most dermocosmetics products are synthetic, which means that cosmetic products containing petroleum products, mineral oils, plastic particles are often offered for skin affected by, for instance, dermatitis. Such cosmetics create a short-term solution – they cover the top layer of the damaged skin, giving the impression that it is getting better, but in the long term it is not safe for human health or the environment. Therefore, it is important to use naturally occurring materials that strengthen human health. And here we come to the next difference between LABRAINS and other producers of ECO and natural cosmetics – it is necessary to understand that not everything that is natural or of natural origin is suitable for sensitive and problematic skin.

Only people who suffer from rosacea, dermatitis or acne can understand those who have skin problems. I myself have suffered from rosacea for years, while my business partner Elina Konstantinova from dermatitis, so I try all the cosmetic products we create on my skin and then the other colleagues do the same.

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antes/depois utilização silymarin

The woman in the pictures is Līga Brūniņa, creator of the LABRAINS brand, chemist and environmental specialist.

In addition, we are also working on the cosmetic preservation system: in the composition of LABRAINS products you will not find phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, alcohol, sodium benzoate, benzoic acid, glycol, salicylic acid and many other substances that are often used in the production of cosmetics, but completely not suitable for those with sensitive and problematic skin.


There will always be people in society who will say – we have been using synthetic cosmetics for years and everything was fine, why change it to ECO products, which are much more expensive?

Possibly, nothing bad will happen with the use of synthetic cosmetics in the future, but possibly – it will. The accumulative effect of chemicals often only appears after several years. It has been heard that people say: "I have been using this product for several years, everything was fine, but then suddenly an allergy appeared!" This is because the moment comes when the body is no longer able to cope with the load imposed on it: in the best case, allergic reactions begin, and in the worst case, much more serious illnesses occur.


Which products are the LABRAINS team particularly proud of?

We take pride in all of our products because we believe that skincare is a package deal that involves creating a routine. Each person should create their own facial skin care routine, because only basing on that can we arrive at real long-term results. We are for minimalism, but such a planned and evaluated minimalism, where we give the skin all the quality things it needs.


However, if we have to highlight, then our pride is the "Rosacea & Strike Back" cream for skin affected by rosacea with a rejuvenating effect, which is the only natural cream in Europe and possibly even in the entire world that works against both rosacea and signs of ageing at the same time. Usually, rosacea manifests itself after the age of 35-40, when anti-ageing products are already being used, which in turn are not suitable for rosacea because they are irritating. For this reason, LABRAINS has created a cream that works in both cases without harming the skin and improving it in the long term.

Also innovative is the facial skin cleansing gel, which gently cleanses and richly moisturises, protecting and promoting the skin's natural defences, thus delaying premature ageing.