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How Important Is Oral Photoprotection?

03 July 2023

Have you questioned if the amount of sunscreen that you apply is enough? If you reach all the areas of your body? If you reapply it properly? Know the advantages of oral photoprotection as a topic sun protection complement.


Solar radiation promotes our well-being and mood, it also helps in the production of Vitamin D, which is essential for our body. However, it is known that immoderate and unprotected sun exposure can trigger harmful effects in our skin, such as: allergies, sun burns, misfunction of our immune system, dark spots, premature skin aging e skin cancer. Therefore, is essential to apply sun screen all year round and complement this topic application with specific oral supplementation, to ensure that full body is protected from the dangers of the sun.

In the oral segment, Heliocarepresents three different solutions, adjusted to the needs and concerns of each one of us.



Food supplement recommended in cases of extreme sensitivity to solar radiation, as a reinforcement of topic sun protection. Contains in its composition Fernblock® and other powerful antioxidants, that prevent sun damage, strengthening skin's defenses. It is highly recommended at people with fair complexions, who easily suffer sun burns; in cases of sun allergies; history of skin cancer; after dermo cosmetic techniques; among others. Vitamin D, besides strengthening immune system, will also compensate a probable deficiency, common in the cases of solar sensitivity. Regarding the method of use, it is recommended 1 capsule per day, before sun exposure. In case of longest exposure, 1 capsule 4h after the first one.



When the priority is to obtain a long-lasting tan, this is the recommended food supplement. Contains Beta-carotene, an orange pigment which helps to intensify and even skin tone during sun exposure. It also has Fernblock® and Green Tea, antioxidants which also prevent sun damage and protect the skin from oxidative aggression. It is advisable to take 1 capsule a day, 15 days before, during and 15 days after sun exposure.


Food supplement formulated with a unique combination of ingredients that help to prevent photoaging and sunspots. It contains antioxidants – Fernblock®+, Vitamin D and Vitamin E – which prevents the oxidative stress responsible for premature skin aging and Niacinamide, a depigmenting ingredient that prevents and corrects hyperpigmentations. 1 capsule a day is recommended throughout the year, in combination with anti-aging and depigmenting topical care, to increase results.