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Hansaplast, Specialized Wound Care

29 August 2023

Wounds are part of our daily lives, they are the marks of our history. Who hasn't cut a finger, skinned your knee or got a blister on your heel?


Regardless of the situation, often the wounds break the moments, putting our life on standby. In addition, wounds are skin lesions that interrupt the continuity of the skin, compromising its barrier function and therefore, restoring the integrity of the skin is a priority. For all these moments, the centennial brand Hansaplast is the perfect ally to help us in the more or less happy moments!




Hansaplast Wound Spray

When the skin is injured, the skin barrier is damaged, allowing the entry of foreign agents, namely bacteria and dirt. In addition to impairing the natural healing process, these agents increase the likelihood of wound infection. Hansaplast Wound Spray effectively protects against infections by cleaning the wound. It is a product very well tolerated by the skin (even the most sensitive), being painless (in fact it does not need to burn, to cure!), colorless (without residue) and odorless. It has a practical application, working even upside down and can be used from the age of 2.


Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment


The skin is a fascinating organ and has a great natural healing capacity. However, by providing the ideal conditions for its regeneration, we make the process safer, faster and with less risk of scarring.

The use of Wound Healing Ointment creates the ideal moist environment for skin regeneration, promoting 2x faster healing (compared to an untreated wound in a dry environment). This product forms a protective layer over the wound, protecting it from external aggressions, in addition to creating a breathable film that prevents dehydration of the wound. It can be used from 3 months and should be applied regularly until the wound is completely healed.


Hansaplast Dressings


It is essential that we protect the wounds of the external agents that surround it. Not only do we make the healing process safer, but also faster through proper protection. Hansaplast dressings block up to 99% of bacteria and dirt and meet every type of wound and consumer need.


Not even in the summer do the wounds give us a vacation and so it is crucial to protect them from the sea or the pool! Contact with water delays the healing process and can lead to an increased risk of infection.


The Aqua Protect range of dressings is ideal for wound protection in the summer season, during bathing or when practicing water activities. These 100% waterproof dressings have an extra-strong adhesiveness, preventing water from coming into contact with the wound. The flexible and breathable material provides greater comfort. The sterile dressings of size XL are the ones indicated for medium-large wounds and post-surgical, with the option of the novelties Aqua Protect 3XL and 4XL.


If it is sensitive skin (in children and the elderly, for example), the Sensitive range features dressings with a soft material (100% polyester), flexible and breathable, which adhere to the skin safely (with a painless removal). The non-adherent compress protects and cushions the wound. XL sizes are sterile and allow post-surgical care of wounds, reducing the risk of infection.

  Regardless of the need, Hansaplast takes care of itself, for a life without interruptions!