02 September 2022

Hair care: how achieve a healthy hair at home!

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Despite we are at home, the connection to the outside world still exists, so the treatments to maintain and have beautiful, strong and healthy hair should not be interrupted.

Enjoy to appear with a beautiful and shiny hair in your video conferences and calls. We can help with some products.


Sensitive scalp

For those who have sensitive scalp, already know the importance of having the best products to minimize the effects of discomfort. This type of  condition is associated with those who already have reactive and sensitive skin or because the use of aggressive products, thorough cleaning or even some factors such as pollution or stress. It is important to exfoliate to remove dead cells and unclog hair follicles. KérastaseFusio scrub exfoliating sensitive scalp soother refreshes and soothes this area thanks to jojoba oils, sweet orange peel, mandecassoside from centella asiatica, vitamin B5 (panthenol) and salicylic acid. For a more comfortable scalp, we recommend René Furterer's Astera sensitive or irritated scalp soothing that facilitates the reconstitution of the hydrolipidic film and Ducray'sSensinol serum that helps to soothe effectively thanks to the polydocanol included in the formula. For a gentle wash we recommend Apivitasensitive scalp shampoo.


Hair loss

There are several factors that lead to the hair loss and one of them is stress. At this time it's almost impossible not to be under some psychological pressure, so it is important to minimize these effects, especially with regard to hair. If you have already been doing a hair loss treatment, it is important not to stop at this stag. If you never tried and want start, this is the right time to do. Kérastasehas developed the ideal Specifique range to fortify hair and enhance root anchorage to the hair bulb. If you do it once or twice in a year, we recommend the box of 42 ampoules that you can purchase as coffret which includes the shampoo of the same range.

With regard to topic anti-hair lossl treatments, we also suggest Martidermhair system 3gf unisex hair lotion. This is a spray that aims to treat different types of alopecia thanks to its complex Hair system 3GF (IGF-1, VEGF and Folistatin), Biotinil, Tocopherol Nicotinate, Salicylic Acid and Vitamin B6.

René Furterer divided the types of fall into two: reactional and progressive.  Triphasic reactional it is indicated for hair-loss resulting from stress, postpartum, diets and fatigue. The Triphasic progressive anti-fall treatment aims to treat heredity, vascular and hormonal hair-loss.

For a strengthening of the hair-loss treatment, the Phytophanère anti hair loss strengthening dietary supplement is a daily food supplement indicated for anemic hair, brittle nails with scales and weak eyelashes. It contains Vitamin E (a-Tocopherol), Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Vitamins and Zinc.


Density and fortification

That for hereditary reasons or also for factors such as stress, or even the use of caps and hair protectors, hair can become thinner and more fragile. It is important to ensure a great reinforcement of the hair fiber, so we recommend for women the Kérastaseampoules Densifique woman (also available incoffret with the shampoo) and for men, the same product but specialy made for meet the male needs, the ampoules Densifique man. Masks also has an important role in helping to strengthen fiber such as Serie expert inforcer anti-breakage strenghtening mask by L'Óreal Professionnel with biotin and vitamin B6 that not only strengthening but also smoothing and providing resistance to hair. To apply directly on the scalp we recommend Dercos densi solutions capillary redensifying lotion with Stemoxydine, ingredients of rubefacient action, such as menthol and antioxidants, resveratrol and vitamin E which provides the best conditions for hair growth. With the same type of application, Phytodensia plumping serum boosts the scalp day after day for  a stronger and shinier hair!


Intense nourishment and repair

Due to the frequent use of hot tools, color treatments or even water sports at pool that dry the hair, it is necessary to replenish all the nourishment that you need to get a brighter and more flexible hair.

If the hair is extremely damaged, the wash should be gentle and for this our recommendation goes to the Phytokeratine extrême shampoo for very damaged hair. With vegetable keratin and 18 amino acids, the hair is gently clean, soft, silky and very shiny.

In addition to washing is essential for malnourished and damaged hair the application of a nourishing and restorative mask. Lazartigue responds to this need with the Shea Butter Intense Nutrition Mask that allows you to return the fundamental lipids to the hair, softening them and making them brighter, especially if they are dry due to the frequent use of modelers and dryers.

In a more luxurious and premium version, we recommend the Shu Uemura Ultimate reset very damaged hair mask with repairing ingredients specially targeted at damaged hair, leaving them deeply nourished and repaired. In addition, this treatment helps protect from breakage and leaves hair smooth, strengthened and easy to handle.

In a faster and without necessary version rinse, we recommend the Absolue kératine cream renewal sublime ultra-damaged hair of René Furterer, which leaves the hair immediately smoother and without weighing, filling the empty spaces of the hair fibers and thus reconstruct the internal architecture of the hair.



Many of us are at home but we're still on at our work and jobs (such as Sweetcare team!), between video conferences and Skype calls, we want to keep the best possible look. A flawless aspect always is related to the hairstyles, so these are some of the products we recommend for any of these situations.

Even though we're home, this doesn't always means more time! Suddenly someone says that you have a meeting in half-hour and you have that "bad hair day"? The solution is use dry shampoo, fastand effective, the nettle extract dry shampoo for oily hair from Klorane, which leaves the hair immediately refreshned and bouncy, delaying the next wash.

A good brush is essential to keep hair loose and shiny and in this case Shu UemuraLarge paddle hair brush massages and stimulates the scalp for more shine and smoothness. This is ideal for combingdry and normal to dense hair.

If you like brushing your hair with the help of the dryer, we recommend that you apply Redken Pillow proof blow dry express primer before once it protects hair from temperatures up to 230ºC (450ºF) and leaves hair without frizz.

In case the hair is curly, define the curls with René Furterer Sublime curl nutri-activator for curly hair, for more defined waves and without frizz. Then dry with the help of a dryer with diffuser or dry at the air.

If you prefer a perfectly straight hair, the Steampod iron 3.0 steam hair straightener from L'Óreal Professionnel is the tool that you need! With this tool it is possible obtain an extremely smooth and shiny hair in a fast, effective and safe way. The new shape is even more ergonomic and easier to carry, as its reservoir is now integrated, providing up to less than 78% of damaged hair.

To finish the hairstyle and keep everything in its proper place, the Phytolaque miroir vegetable lacquer fixation light exceptional shine gives discipline to the most rebellious hair, without weighing down, being easier removed with brushing.

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