10 October 2023

My (Im)Perfections

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Acne is one of the most prevalent skin diseases worldwide and a major cause of the development of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (post-acne marks) and erythema. In addition to its significant impact on the skin, acne leaves a big mark on the self-esteem and confidence of all those affected by it.


Acne can manifest itself in different ways, but it is typically accompanied by excess sebum production, which gives the skin a shinier appearance, and follicular thickening which leads to clogged pores and, consequently, the appearance of comedones, open or closed (blackheads). These factors create the ideal conditions for bacterial proliferation, in this case of the bacteria most associated with acne, Cutebacterium acnes. This proliferation can lead to the appearance of micro-inflammations which, when left untreated, develop into other types of blemish such as pustules (or pimples, accumulations of pus, fragile and sometimes inflamed) and papules (small bumps accompanied by redness).

Depending on the severity of the signs, acne can be classified as mild, moderate or severe. It's important to note that regardless of the type of acne, it's essential to have a consistent routine that suits everyone's different needs and preferences - and this is where the DermoPure range comes in!




To improve the signs of acne, it is essential to start your daily skincare routine with a clean, dry face, always adapting the skincare used to your skin's needs.

The Cleansing Gel from the DermoPure range aims to reduce excess oil, remove impurities, pollution and make-up while gently and deeply cleansing the skin. It is gentle enough to be used during anti-acne treatments.

If your goal is to immediately improve skin texture, unclog pores and reduce blackheads, the Exfoliator will be your best friend! It can be used 1-2 times a week on the face and body.





Within the DermoPure daily care range, there are two products that will reduce excess sebum, control imperfections and improve skin texture: the Mattifying Fluid and the Renewal Care!

The Mattifying Fluid can be used daily, morning and night, to control excess oil. Thanks to Seboregulatory Technology, it provides an anti-shine action for up to 8 hours and helps to reduce redness and calm skin irritation. Its ideal complement is the Renewal Care - an exclusive product for night use that will promote skin renewal and provide a deeper peeling action, reducing and controlling the appearance of blackheads.


50% of acne sufferers develop post-acne spots1 which can take up to 5 years to disappear2. These spots are due to excessive melanin production induced by an inflammatory process, in this case acne. The sun is the main enemy of acne-prone skin as it can aggravate and prolong the problem, as well as darkening the affected areas.


These marks require the use of specific products to remove excess pigmentation, but which also meet the needs of skin that tends to be more oily and have imperfections.

The DermoPure routine recommended for skin with post-acne blemishes, imperfections and excess oil includes the Concentrated Cleansing Gel, the Triple Effect Serum and the SPF 30 Protective Fluid.

The Concentrated Cleansing Gel has an anti-imperfection effect, with 2% Salicylic Acid - a percentage that allows it to have a keratolytic action, unclogging pores and fighting imperfections. This product can be used on both the face and body.


This is followed by the Triple Effect Serum with its anti-dark spot action through Beiersdorf's patented ingredient - Thiamidol - which acts directly on the root cause of the appearance of dark spots, while also helping to prevent their reappearance. It also reduces imperfections and excess shine. Its fast-absorbing hydrogel texture also provides a very comfortable feeling of freshness.

It's a product that should be used daily, morning and night. To finish off the routine, we know there's one thing we can't do without: photoprotection! The SPF 30 Protective Fluid contains UVA/UVB sun filters to protect post-acne marks, prevent them from darkening and the appearance of new ones, while giving the skin a long-lasting matte finish.



Acne is a skin condition which, when characterized as moderate-severe, is often accompanied by pharmacological treatments. Many of the active ingredients in this type of treatment, such as isotretinoin, cause side effects on the skin, reflected in redness, hypersensitivity and dryness. To reduce these manifestations, the DermoPure range presents the Adjuvant Moisturizing Care which will intensely moisturize the skin, thus compensating for the drying effects of anti-acne treatments. It will also reduce sensitivity and redness, immediately calming the skin and making it more comfortable. It should be used daily, morning and night, in combination with the prescribed pharmacological treatments. In these cases, the need for daily photoprotection is unquestionable!




For combination-oily, acne-prone skin, Oil Control Dry Touch Gel-Cream SPF 30 | 50+ is the ideal sunscreen (available with - light and medium tint - or without tint). Through Oil Control Technology, it guarantees a matte effect for up to 12 hours, with a dry touch finish. It has a light, fast-absorbing texture that melts quickly into the skin. It is also water and perspiration resistant - perfect for sportspeople!



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