15 July 2023

Essential Products in a Sports Routine

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The search for a healthy and active lifestyle is increasingly common among young people. And when it comes to challenging physical activities, we now tell you the story of Mariana, an 18-year-old with a passion for physical activity. Mariana is a powerlifting and bodybuilding enthusiast, and finds in these exercises not only a means to improve her physical condition, but also a way to overcome limits and become a stronger version of herself. 

From an early age, Mariana discovered her love for sports and the importance of an active life. Over the years, she has tried several sports, but it was through powerlifting and bodybuilding that she found her true passion. With determination and discipline, she dedicates herself to daily training, focused on strength and muscular endurance.

The Importance of Products in Personal Care

Mariana Carvalho

In addition to her dedication to training, Mariana also shares some of the products that are part of her personal care routine. Among them is SVR's Spirial Deo Duche Deodorant, a cleansing care developed to prevent the development of unwanted odors, keeping her fresh and confident. In addition, Clarins' Body Fit Anti-Celulite Cream is also mentioned as an ally in keeping skin toned and healthy, while Fisiocrem's Solugel Cream helps relieve post-workout muscle pain.

Sun Protection and Adequate Supplementation

To ensure her skin is protected from the sun's rays while training outdoors, Mariana uses Heliocare's 360º Sport Transparent Stick SPF50. This product provides an effective barrier against UV rays, keeping her skin healthy and protected. In addition, the importance of proper nutrition is emphasized - Gold Nutrition's Total Whey Protein is Mariana's choice, being a key supplement to help develop muscle mass.

Skin Care and Relaxation

In addition to intense workouts, self-care is essential to maintain a healthy physical and mental balance. Collistar's Talasso-Scrub Revitalizing Exfoliating Salts is Mariana's choice to exfoliate and moisturize her skin, providing an invigorating and relaxing feeling after grueling workouts.


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