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The best of the spanish cosmetic brands!

02 February 2018

The best of Spanish cosmetics -ISDIN, MESOESTETIC, SESDERMA, MARTIDERM- just a click away!

At sweetcare we sell various brands of cosmetics and dermatology. In  a selection of what best Spanish cosmetics has to offer, we distinguish ISDIN, MARTIDERM, MESOESTETIC and SESDERMA.

What these brands have in common? The extremely high quality of its products combined with incredible formulations. Find the best research in medical Lab offers for yourseld to use it at home!


Isdinceutics was designed to take care of the skin along the aging, preventing and correcting all the signals that are the result of this phenomenon. Their care are exclusively formulated with active ingredients of recognized effectiveness, and ensure a perfect combination between performance of Dermatology and aesthetics, with the pleasure of the ritual of beauty.


1. Isdinceutics - Flavo c melatonin night repairing ampoules
These amps have the ability to stimulate antioxidant defenses of your skin thanks to vitamin C, which behaves as an antioxidant for proper protection and indirect repairing for a skin more luminous, resilient and prepared for the next day!  This watch has an innovative texture sérum-in-oil, which combines low viscosity oils and quick absorption.

2. Isdin - Woman isdin post partum firming
Highly effective cream for dermal recovery after pregnancy. Restores the structure and firmness of the skin and softens the recent stretch marks. Rosehip Oil has a nice application and quick absorption.

3. Isdin - Fotoprotector fusionwater spf 50 for oily to combination skin
Sunscreen absolutely revolutionary, which ensures very high protection and a light texture like water. Water-based and totally oil-free, whose texture is extremely slight, once applied, this leaves a matte finish sunscreen on skin that is silky smooth to the touch. In addition, does not irritate or cause burning eyes, lets be applied even on wet skin, with hydrating and antioxidant action.

4. Isdin - 4 in 1 micellar solution
Micelle solution with 4 actions: make-up removal, cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Allows you to clean the skin of your face without compromising the cutaneous barrier; preparing for the implementation of the remaining day care can remove even waterproof makeup and long lasting.



Benchmark in the development of dermatological formulations customized for the care and well-being of the skin and truly innovative dermacosmetics. A well-defined principles mark with accuracy, innovation and effectiveness in a total transparency in the communication of the qualities and effects of their care for customers.


1. Martiderm - Black diamond skin complex anti-aging
Ampules with a maximum antioxidant action and anti-aging intensive care, which can be used in the morning or night, in any kind of skin, and throughout the year! It's formula combines some of the most effective ingredients found in cosmetics, and stands for it's global action in the treatment of photoaging.

2. Martiderm - Night renew soft peeling skin renewal, moisturising and cell repair
A regenerative formula with soft peeling effect that combines the action of Alpha-hydroxyacid with hydration due to hyaluronic acid and collagen and cell repair. Smoother skin, uniform, firm and hydrated.

3. Martiderm - Modelift body cream specific firming for the thighs, abdomen and arms
In a synergistic combination of active ingredients tensors that improve muscle tone and reducing active principles with draining effect, this cream is ideal for application in the arms, abdomen and thighs. Reshaping action, reductive, anti-ageing and firming.

4. Martiderm - Epigence 145 day cream for all skin types
This product aims to help improve skin resilience, achieving a youngest appereance. This brings together innovative molecules with proven ingredients to form a unique blend of antirwrinkles action and stimulating the cutaneous firmness.  It's light texture allows a rapid absorption, which is suitable for all skin types.



Mesoestetic is a multinational pharmaceutical company specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of medic-cosmetic treatments. Mesoestetic products are produced with high quality and pharmaceutical safety, using high concentrations of active ingredients clinically proven to be effective in unique formulas to achieve maximum results.


1. Mesoestetic - Cosmelan 2 cream home treatment
The Cosmelan 2 operates at the level of cells responsible for skin coloration, stopping the production of color in areas where this is excessive, eliminate, or mitigate, the unsightly stains.

2. Mesoestetic - Radiance dna essence recovery serum lifting effect
This serum works in depth for a total reconstruction of the skin, promotes the formation of collagen and increases the extracellular matrix, thus restoring the dermal epidermal union, preventing cutaneous relaxation. The oval of the face resets itself, the skin gains firmness, and the appearance is completely rejuvenated!

3. Mesoestetic - Ultimate w integrity mask
You are just 20 minutes of fabulous skin! This mask adapts perfectly to the skin surface thanks to its unique ergonomic design and is equipped with a technology that ensures a greater penetration of active substances. Is filled with a unique serum enriched with [meso] white complex ® to prevent and relieve effectively the appearance of hyper pigmentation and limit excessive production of melanin.

4. Mesoestetic - Grascontrol artichoke intestinal cleanser
This product is part of a line that takes care of the metabolism, making the digestive processes a healthy and natural way, helping to control body weight. Is a dietary supplement with depurative action, indicated to combat and prevent fluid retention, accumulation of fats and the bloated feeling. Thanks to its diuretic and laxative properties of Artichoke extract promotes digestion and protects the body from aggression caused by bad eating habits.



Sesderma was born of the need to promote skin health of body, face and hair. A compromise which resulted in constant innovation and product excellence, recommended and recognized around the world. Personalized care, tailored to the different needs of each of its customers.


1. Sesderma - C-vit lipossomal serum 10% vitamin c
Light bulbs-format, is an intensive treatment of shock to photoaging recommended for all skin types (even skin with acne and redness). Ideal as a complementary treatment for stretch marks and scars, this active power concentrate the Antiaging treatment and depigmenting the skin.

2.Sesderma - Seskavel growth anti-hairloss stimulating shampoo
For the daily care of your hair, this gentle cleansing and stimulating product will complement perfectly the treatment for falling hair! With ingredients that stimulate hair growth, helping to mitigate the fall and provide more strength and volume to your hair.

3. Sesderma - Daeses firming neck gel
The loss of firmness in neck results in the appearance of the so-called double chin and is immensely unsightly. This careful, fresh and light, prevents and treats the sagging of the neck due to sun exposure and loss of weight.

4. Sesderma - Sesmedical cellular repair personal peel program photo-aged skin
Sesderma offers various peelings you can do at home, tailored to the needs of your skin. This particular kit is the ideal program for skins that have suffered an excessive solar exposure. In just 3 steps, get a cell renewal for a healthy skin!