22 April 2024

6 tips to use less water in your beauty routine

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Water is a limited natural resource. It has become crucial to preserving this blue gold that is so precious. So, what to do? Prioritize showering, don't leave the tap running, reclaim wastewater, there are many tricks to save water in the bathroom. What if we took the challenge a little further? We leave you with some tips to use less water in your beauty routine.


Tip 1: Take a "quick shower"

Tip 1: Take a "quick shower"

When we take a shower, we spend about 15 liters of drinking water per minute. Ten minutes spent in the shower correspond to 150 liters of water, that is, the equivalent of a soaking bath. The tip to take care of yourself and the planet? Take "quick showers." 3 minutes in the shower instead of 10 will allow you to save 100 liters of water. Relax, put on your favorite song when you get in the shower and make sure you get out when it's over....



Seborrheic Dry Shampoo with Nettle

Tip 2: Use a dry shampoo

One effective way to reduce the time spent in the shower is to space out your hair washes. Don't worry, it's not about saving the planet by letting your hair get oily! Rather, it's about choosing the most suitable products to make sure you can space out your hair washes in a lasting way. If your hair tends to get oily quickly, you can alternate the traditional wash with your BIO Nettle Shampoo with the application of the Oat Milk Extra Mild Dry Shampoo or the Seborrheic Dry Shampoo with Nettle. As for maintenance between two washes, it allows you to cleanse the hair and reduce excess sebum without wasting a drop of water. 



Tip 3: Prefer the solid to the powder

Tip 3: Prefer the solid to the powder

There is a visible consumption of water, the one you see running out when you turn on the tap, and then there is an invisible consumption. We don't see it, but it is the one that results from the large amount of water used to produce clothing, a kilogram of beef, or even plastic packaging...

To wash your hair and skin and protect the oceans at the same time, the best solution would be to reduce the packages in the bathroom. To do this, love a solid beauty ritual: shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant. They are all available in solid or mineral powder form. 

These solid galenic forms save many precious liters of water right from their manufacture.



Shampoo Mask 2 in 1 powder with Klorane Nettle BIO and Clay

Tip 4: Opt for shampoo mask 2 in 1 powder with Ortiga BIO and Clay

What if, instead of washing your hair and applying a purifying mask, you could do all that in a single gesture? That is the best of the Shampoo Mask 2 in 1 powder with Klorane Nettle BIO and Clay, a natural washing powder, biodegradable, without water and preservatives. Its 100% recyclable paper packaging replaces the two plastic containers of the shampoo and masks you usually use. And less packaging means less water consumption to produce them...

Better yet, by applying a single care product to your hair, you avoid having to rinse it out, apply another care product, and rinse it out again. In a word, you save water, lots of water. To remove any doubts about the usefulness of the "2 in 1", know that this care is particularly effective in regulating sebum production. Thus, it will be possible to space out the washes for oily hair and consequently reduce water consumption! If you wash your hair once a week instead of 3 or 4 times a week, you will considerably reduce the environmental impact of your beauty routine!



Tip 5: Opt for reusable accessories

Tip 5: Opt for reusable accessories

"The best garbage is the one we don't produce." It's the motto of the Zero Waste movement. The truth is that everything that is washable is not, theoretically, garbage. 

More and more previously unknown washable products are being introduced into our bathroom. Washable cleaning pads, reusable cotton swabs, not to mention menstrual cups and reusable sanitary towels are taking their place in our cupboards. 

It is the trend of the "3 R's", to "reduce, reuse, recycle". We have seen that it is possible to reduce packaging with 2-in-1 solid care. Don't hesitate to adopt them! It is also possible to reuse our beauty accessories. The goal is simply to stop throwing them away and start washing them. Sure, it takes water to wash, but far less than to produce the makeup remover pads and disposable wipes!



Klorane 2 in 1 Mask Shampoo with Nettle BIO and Clay

Tip 6: Prefer eco-friendly packaging

When you cannot reduce or reuse, there is a third "R" in the Zero Garbage: Recycle life mode. It's a waste we haven't been able to avoid yet. If there is no other way, it is, therefore, best to choose beauty products with eco-friendly packaging, i.e. 100% recyclable.

The ideal is to use a product that is environmentally friendly from its origin to the end of its life cycle. In other words, a product whose production does not pollute the earth or water and whose use does not harm the environment and is therefore biodegradable. This is another of the advantages of washing powder. Formulated without preservatives, the Klorane 2 in 1 Mask Shampoo with Nettle BIO and Clay contains Clay powder and Nettle root BIO. It is fully biodegradable and its packaging is 100% recyclable!


Solid, "2 in 1", biological, recyclable, and biodegradable are the new criteria for a truly "clean" beauty routine for skin, earth, and water. After the green wave, let Blue Beauty take you... #SAVEWATER

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