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Spirial Extreme Intensive De-Perspitant - SVR

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    SVR Spirial Extreme Intensive De-Perspitant  20 mL
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SVR - Spirial Extreme Intensive De-Perspitant 20 mL

Spirial Extreme Traitement Détranspirant Intensif - SVR

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Extreme sweating can be particularly challenging for those who have an active lifestyle, and it can be triggered by factors such as stress, exercise, or while taking certain medications.

In this sense, the Spirial extreme intensive de-perspitant can be a huge help!

Regulation of excess perspiration with maximum tolerance!

This anti-perspirant is perfectly suited for the most sensitive skins, yet it has a high concentration of active ingredients with a perspiration-inhibiting action.

Its innovative formula allows this product to have an unequal effectiveness thanks to:

  • 38% antibacterial agent, which acts on the skin flora preventing the generation of unpleasant odors;
  • 20% sweat-regulating complex, consisting of aluminum chloride and sesquichlorhydrate, which are present in a concentration that is twice as higher than what you can find at classic antiperspirants;
  • 4% niacinamide, to protect and soften the skin;

Free from perfume.

How to Use

Starting phase:

Apply to cleansed and dry skin for 3 consecutive days in the morning or evening. Wait a few seconds for complete drying before dressing up.

Maintenance phase:

Apply twice to three times a week morning or evening. If desired, you can also alternate with your usual deodorant.


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