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Phytolaque Botanical Hairspray Medium to Strong Hold

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    Phyto Phytolaque Botanical Hairspray Medium to Strong Hold  100 mL
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Phyto - Phytolaque Botanical Hairspray Medium to Strong Hold 100 mL

Phytolaque Laque Végétale Botanical Hair Spray - Phyto

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Phytolaque medium to strong fixing hairspray suitable for all types of hair.

For all types of hair, wishing for light fixation and exceptional brightness.

Balance, fixation and energy!

This vegetable lacquer discipline with lightness and gives hair a bright mirror look, due to the incorporation of fine silvery nacre's, to a bright and healthy hair.

Hibiscus extract adds shine on hair.


  • Good spraying in very fine droplets;
  • Formation of a transparent film;
  • Quick dry;
  • Hair protection against humidity;
  • Not sticky to the touch, smooth and light;
  • Easy elimination with brushing or washing;
  • Provide brightness.

How to use

Can be applied at any time of the day.

Vaporize about 20 cm from the scalp.

Brush the hair every night in case of daily use.


Phyto laboratories have developed a new generation of ecological lacquers, 95% of natural origin and vegetable, no silicones or propellant (without spray) for the protection of the environment.

Formulated with a natural resin secreted by an insect known as Laccifer lacca that uses resin to protect their eggs in trees, Phytolaque hair forms at the hair's surface a kind of transparen micro networkt, with different actions:

1) an «mechanic» action in each hair:
The polymers used are filmógeneos (after drying they leave a film that
 individually involves the hair.
This film should be flexible in order to prevent each strand of hair back to its natural form).

2) an «definition» action of the hair wig:
The wig (the total of the hair) should present a better cohesion to better resist deformation.

3) a protection against moisture:
The formulation should be calculated in a way that the film is the less hygroscopic possible.
So, it lock the moisture in keratin and delays the return to the original shape of the hair.


Hair care: how achieve a healthy hair at home!
Hair care: how achieve a healthy hair at home!
Even at home, you mustn't stop your haircare! You can keep offer the best care to your hair, protect them from hair loss, dehydration or even maintain the usual styling. We can help...

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